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Holy Moly, Kids! TVWriter™ Turned 20 Years Old This Year & We Forgot to Tell You!

The original TV Writer Home page, with its garish green scroll. Yes, a couple of the images are missing, but we think it’s amazing that a third one, the tiny yellow pencil – and the rest of the landing page – are still up on the web at The Internet Archive Wayback Machine

Talk about embarrassing. Among other things going on during the year 2018 – for better and for worse – this year also marks the 20th Anniversary of TVWriter™, and we were so caught up in the day-to-day chaos that we didn’t just forget to tell y’all, we also forgot the exact date.

So, having checked and rechecked our info, here’s an exciting factoid with which we can close out TVWriter™’s 2018 books:

Our Founder, Larry Brody registered the URL “TVWriter.Com” twenty years, five months, and four+ weeks ago, on July 1st, 1998 and went live with it the next day.

The original heading for the site was “The TV Writer Home Page” primarily because at the time all domains were called “home pages.” Over the next few years the heading evolved into “TVWriter.Com,” and about 4 years ago we started calling it TVWriter™, omitting the “.Com” thing (because we actually had relocated to a “.Net” URL, but that’s a whole other story).

TVWriter™ has been a labor of love for Larry Brody and the various volunteers who have helped him through these years, and we offer both our gratitude and our congratulations to everyone who has contributed so much time, energy, and talent to the site.

Inasmuch as we’re taking a much needed Winter Break right now and won’t be back with new articles and posts until January 2nd, we thought we would give our visitors a treat – and keep you busy – in the form of this linked list of our most popular posts and pages over TVWriter™’s wonderful twenty years of interweb life.

Here they are, TVWriter™’s 50 most visited articles, starting with Numero Uno and working down. Enjoy:

  1. ‘The Following’ Season 4 was Cancelled by Fox Because the TV Series Became a Victim of Lazy Writing!
  2. Writing the Dreaded Outline
  3. How To Write The Perfect TV Series Review To Captivate Your Readers
  4. PEOPLE’S PILOT 2018 Writing Contest
  5. Empty Promises: My experience submitting scripts to Amazon Studios
  6. Looking for TV Pilot Scripts?
  8. The Logline
  9. 8 Tips for Writing for Children’s TV Shows
  10. THE PEOPLE’S PILOT – Enter
  11. Tyler Perry Tells Us How to Become a Famous Writer
  12. LB: Where Did THE FALL GUY Live?
  14. The Outline/Story
  15. THE PEOPLE’S PILOT: Prizes
  16. Nikita Season 1 Finale – Recap and Review
  17. How to Write a Script for an Animated Show
  19. Supernatural Season 1 Finale – Recap and Review
  20. TV Writers: How To Navigate Staffing Season
  21. Yes, Kids, There Really are TV Writers in New York City
  22. Kathryn Graham: What Makes ClexaCon Special?
  23. The Teleplay
  26. LB: What Was It Like to Work with Lynda Carter & Loni Anderson?
  27. Barbara Hale: Perry Mason’s Right-Hand Gal(e)
  28. What’s the Difference Between a Cartoon & a Meme?
  29. Stream ‘Doctor Who’ Audio Dramas – Free!!!
  30. Kurt Vonnegut’s Rejected Master’s Thesis – on Writing
  31. The Leavebehind
  32. munchman sees ‘Killjoys’
  33. Everybody Remembers Floyd the Barber…and if You Don’t, You Should!
  34. THE PEOPLE’S PILOT: Winners
  35. The Silver Surfer
  36. See It Free: Kevin Smith’s New Pilot: ‘Hollyweed’
  37. Retro Review: ‘The Girl With Something Extra’
  38. Herbie J Pilato tells All About the Origin of the Classic Series KUNG-FU
  39. So You Want to Make a Web Series – Step 1
  40. Larry Brody: “She Loves Me!” Um, Maybe…kinda…sorta?
  41. Spider-Man Unlimited
  42. ‘Designing Women’ Creator Goes Public With Les Moonves War: Not All Harassment Is Sexual
  43. Jon Paul Burkhart Talks About Producing Short Films
  44. Nikita Season 2 Episode 1 – Recap and Review
  45. Jon Paul Burkhart Talks About ‘Sick For Toys’ – His Upcoming Psychological Thriller
  46. Larry Brody: ‘Live! From Paradise! #3’ – Fred & Dead
  47. Indie Video & Film: ‘Division’
  49. Herbie J Pilato has a Few Important Words to Say About a Kid Name of ‘Rudolph
  50. Larry Brody: Of Course TV is Childish. Here’s Why.

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