Writing for Television Animation

LB’S NOTE: It’s always a pleasure to see people I know and/or have worked with hanging together, even if they’re doing it without me. Hi Doug! Hi Steve! read article

Learn to be a farmer at Whidbey Island’s Organic Farm School

LB’S NOTE: Another reason yours truly loves living in Port Townsend and environs. Both this article and I are set more in the environs than in PT, but it’s the Port Townsend lifestyle that makes it all happen. Who’d a’guessed?

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How to Terrify the Audience

And now for something different. That’s right, a Halloween Special Video. Okay, so not so different. But definitely helpful, for reals. You’ll see.

This video essay is by the ever charming Henry Boseley, who would for all of us to gain creator access to his work on Patreon, HERE. read article

Think Your Book is Taking Too Long to Write? Read This!

Here’s something we all need. Insider info from a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist on, well, the agony and ecstasy of keeping on keeping on. Confused? Keep on reading on.

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2020 Plays Like a TV Show. So the Washington Post asked H’wood Writers How It Should End

Once upon a time a newspaper like the Washington Post would’ve asked big name science fiction novelists how they would conclude the story of this, our least favorite year. read article