Stephanie Bourbon talks about NaNoWriMo

Our fave writer-illustrator-screenwriting-vlogger, Stephanie Bourbon, has a treat for us. Not one but two videos about everybody’s sort of favorite writing, um, “thing,” NaNoWriMo AKA National Novel Writing Month.

Didja know it’s a contest? This TVWriter™ minion didn’t. >sigh<

Watch on:

Stephanie’s YouTube Channel is HERE

And her Story Concierge website chock full of further instruction is HERE

Former Larry Brody student Stephanie Olivieri Bourbon has found great success as a writer and illustrator. Now she’s branching out into video with a series of extremely helpful ones about – surprise! – writing and illustrating.

16 Boring Verbs & Words Writers Should Use Instead

Grammarcheck.Net has another invaluable infographic for writers everywhere. Because the absolutely last thing any of us should ever allow ourselves to be is…boring.

Pretty damn interesting, yeah?


Cartoon: Overthinking

Today is our Beloved Leader Larry Brody’s birthday. He isn’t telling us exactly how old he is, but the crazy sonuvabitch has been active in the TV biz for 6 decades, so you know we’re talking about at least a few eons here, you know?

Another thing LB isn’t telling us is how he’s going to celebrate the fact that he’s still breathing, but we’re pretty sure of at least one thing he isn’t going to do – make any of the mistakes in the fine cartoon by artist/philosopher Grant Snider below.

Happy Birthday, boss. Party hardy. We know you can do it!

See more of Grant Snider’s extraordinary perception of human creativity at Incidental Comics, HERE

Buy Grant’s new book, What Color is Night? at Amazon.Com!


by Bob Tinsley

Why should you as a visitor to TVWriter™ be interested in making audio fiction? Why should you be interested in making podcasts? Discoverability, that’s why.

The meaning of the word podcast is evolving to include any episodic, audio-only production whether nonfiction or fiction. Agents and major studios have started trawling through podcasts and their creators for new content and talent. 

So here’s the latest news to help you and your podcast get discovered: 

Music from
“The Builder” by Kevin MacLeod (
License: CC BY (


From Earbuds To Screen: What Podcasts Did Next.

If you want to know why you should make a podcast, this article tells you in great detail with many examples. It focuses on Gimlet Pictures, an offshoot of Gimlet Media, which, as its latest foray into podcast-to-movie adaptations has announced Man of the People, an adaptation of an episode of the Reply All podcast, to be directed by Richard Linklater and starring Robert Downey, Jr. Chris Giliberti, head of Gimlet Pictures, says about podcast adaptations, “It’s a huge market. I think we’ll see the trend increase for quite some time.”


Why Your Podcast Needs a Trademark.

I’m not convinced, but there’s a lot of good information here. One thing I didn’t know: ™ denotes an unregistered trademark and the ® designates a registered trademark. Both protect your Intellectual Property but the registered trademark is more useful in court.


An Aural History Of The Podcast.

A fascinating look at the beginnings of podcasting back in the Jurassic Period of 2004 leading up to the present. It’s a long read that I began thinking I might skim, but it wasn’t long until I found myself going back and reading the parts I skimmed. Worth a look.


Welcome to Night Vale World Tour 2020.

Welcome to Night Vale announced its new world tour starting in March of 2020. The live shows are a great way to get introduced to one of, if not the most popular fiction podcasts in the world. They will be performing in over 50 cities across the US and Europe. Go, listen, and network. Podcasters are some of the most open, helpful people on the planet. Take advantage of the opportunity.


How To Tell If Your Podcast Is Growing.

Once you get your podcast going, (that’s already in planning stages, right?) you’re going to want to know how it’s doing. Podcasters tend to geek out over download numbers the way authors geek out over sales numbers. Trouble comes when you’re not interpreting those numbers correctly. This article gives some guidance on how to read your download stats.


This Is Dope: The Magnus Archives Has 160 Episodes Of Bone-chilling Horror For You.

This excellent review from Syfy Wire of the British horror audio fiction podcast, The Magnus Archives, points out what can be done if you want to. Jonathan Sims, writer and performer, has written an average of one 20-to-30-minute episode every 8.5 days for the last two-and-a-half years. Worth a listen.

So, until next week, same Pod-time, same Pod-channel, keep listening and keep creating.

Have You Read the ‘Joker’ Screenplay

Don’t say that you haven’t had a chance to read one of the most controversial screenplays of 2019…or, literally, this whole century.

Cuz all you have to do to start poring over it is click right HERE.

Don’t ever say TVWriter™ doesn’t know how to have fun!