LB: “Baited Breath?”

by Larry Brody

No, dammit. Just no.

The phrase isn’t “baited breath,” as in fishing, it’s “bated breath,” as in abated, as in holding one’s breath! read article

Cartoon: ‘Higher Purpose’

Do you have a higher purpose? Grant Snider, TVWriter™’s fave philosopher-cartoonist is justifiably proud to share his. 

And, yes, this TVWriter™ minion suggests filing this cartoon under the heading “Why We Write.”

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Stacey Jones: All the Ways to Win

Yes, it’s true. One of these badasses is our Stacey.

by Stacey Jones

LB’s NOTE: Stacey Jones was the winner of the second running of TVWriter™’s late, lamented PEOPLE’S PILOT competition back at the dawn of time. Most recently, he’s done a series of reviews of various Marvel TV series for us.

Today he starts his latest series of reviews, this time about – his own life.

Yep, you heard me. read article

LB: Peter Bogdanovich RIP

by Larry Brody

Bogdanovich & Boris Karloff back when Bogdanovich began his ascent

LB’S NOTE: I’ve been thinking about Peter Bogdanovich’s death and wishing there was something I could add to the discussion of one of the most influential film directors of the 1970s.

I met him once during the ’80s, via my then business managers, and he was quite pleasant in a Hollywood sort of way. My management, however, wasn’t exactly fond of him. Something to do with the fact that he only got in touch with them when he needed money for a project.

This shouldn’t have been a negative because my managers’ main business was in fact lending people money in exchange for a percentage of the take. But their policy was to never – absolutely never – invest in the film biz, which, they said, they had told Bogdanovich myriad times so why did he keep insisting on wine-and-dining and pitching them time after time? read article

LB: Oh Crud! (A Sort of a Salute)

Rover and its crud

by Larry Brody

NASA Perseverance Mars rover has crud obstructing its rock sample system

The headline above, from, is my favorite  post/article heading of the year so far.

When I was a kid, I was a huge fan of Mad, which in those days was a comic book not a magazine, and which frequently used the word “crud,” or more often “cruddy,” to mean something was crummy or lousy or just plain subpar.

I loved “crud” because as far as I knew, it was a made-up word used only in the comic, and there was something about using a “d” instead of an “m” that lent it great power. To me, something cruddy was infinitely yuckier than any crummy ever could be. read article