Hank Isaac on Making Your Creative Work Personal

One of Larry Brody and TVWriter™’s favorite writers (and, for that matter, human beings) returns to this site after being away far too long with an insider tip into attracting and holding your audience. A must-read if ever there was one.

by Hank Isaac

There is a body language to everything. Sure, it has different names depending on what you’re talking about, but it’s essentially all “body language.” read article

What Stareable.Com’s partnership with AMC can mean to you – @stareable.com

Trying to place your web series (or web series idea) with a solid streaming network? Looks like our buds at Stareable.Com are lining things up so they can help.

The fine print in this image may be too small to read. Here’s a clearer version: read article

Big Production dreams? No $$$? Read This

The people over at Stage32.Com are so smart they sometimes scare us. Here, as Rod Serling might have said way back when, is a “case in point.”

How to Create a Web Series with Literally Zero Budget
by William Joseph Hill

The funny thing about coming up with a web series is that sometimes it’s better to not try and create a web series. What do we mean by that? Well, if you’re looking for a big picture to start from, chances are you won’t be satisfied with anything less than a big idea. read article

The Future of TV?

Time now for a few words from Stareable.Com, a site we love and believe in because like us, it believes in YOU.

Ajay Kishore, CEO of Stareable (https://www.stareable.com/), presents his company to investors at a demo day (https://fi.co/demo) read article

Hank Isaac on Cultural Confusion – Or Is It…Time Travel?

by Hank Isaac

Is It Possible to be a Time Traveler and Not Know It?

I find what people say and how they say it both generally fascinating and discouraging. read article