Cartoon: ‘Fulfillment’

Grant Snider lets us know exactly where he stands on a subject – emotion? state of being? – called fulfillment.

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Toxic Television

How our fellow creatives, in this case cartoonists, see those of us who toil in the vineyards of various and sundry media – including not only TV but also cartooning itself.

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Paul Fell comments on an extremely toxic part of the world we’ve built. read article

Cartoon: ‘How To Fight Burnout’

Grant Snider shows us how to handle that crummy not-so-little feeling called “burnout” – and turn it into something much, much better!

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“How Can You Hold an Entire Novel in Your Head?”

Writerly wisdom via the great Peggy Bechko who found it on the dreaded Facebook:

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How writers all too often see themselves

The Wonderful World of Writers Revisted yet again. (Here are the glimpses we gave yesterday and the day before.).

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