‘Morgan’s Organs’ Kickstarter is Funded!

Just last week we brought you the news of a new Kickstarter campaign for a new season (#3) of web comic book Morgan’s Organs, and wouldn’t you know it – today we’re breaking the news that after only 6 days on line the show is fully funded.

Here’s the announcement we received from the Morgan’s Organs gang:

We’re excited to announce the Morgan’s Organs Kickstarter is already funded in 6 days! But that’s just the tip of the iceberg, we need all the support we can get to continue the comic book series and hopefully, one day, become a television show!

Please do check out the Kickstarter campaign and consider showing your support. We’ll be announcing our stretch goals shortly.

But if you need a reason to support the series, I’ll give you three!

  1. Book 3 will be told in a narrative style completely unconventional to comics. Similar in style to the Christopher Nolan movie, Memento, the story will switch back-and-forth between the “Night Before” and “Morning After”, and the mystery will only come together when the timeline connects at the end of the book.
  2. There are so many fantastic details in the pages. While our books are already long for comics at 40 pages, there are so many great Easter Eggs and details to keep you coming back for more. Take a look at this amazingly detailed panel that will be in Book 3, drawn by series artist Robert Jennex.
  3. We have really fun rewards available – like signed print books, exclusive collector’s sleeves, enamel pins, figurines, or even plush toys of the characters.

Click here to visit the Kickstarter page!

Thank you for helping us bring Morgan’s Organs to life!

~ Dan, Rob & Tyler

Best wishes from TVWriter™ to everybody involved!


‘Morgan’s Organs’ Returns (Return? Whatev)

We’ve talked about Morgan’s Organs, a comedy comic book series (“like Pixar’s Inside Out but for grown-ups) before here on TVWriter™. (HERE and HERE) Now the “‘sitcomic’ adventures of Morgan and the crazy organauts living inside his body” are returning with a new twist.

Here’s the skinny, from creator-writer Daniel Brodie (no relation to our Beloved Leader Larry Brody, although we hear that he’s a big fan):

n 2016, we introduced Kickstarter and the world to Book 1 of our quirky concept, and in 2017, we returned with Book 2. Thanks to the love and support of our incredible fans, we’re able to return for Book 3 of Morgan’s Organs. The great thing about this series is each story is standalone – you can read it in any order and still enjoy the heck out of it!

In Book 1 (click to preview), we witnessed Morgan’s two “heads” of the body clash for control of Morgan’s decision-making, all while Morgan battled the pressure to end a dry spell.

In Book 2 (click to preview), we cringed as Morgan dealt with the pains of swallowing something he shouldn’t, and the consequences it would have for the organauts as it moved through his digestive system.

This time, we’re bringing you a story riddled with alcohol, phallic artwork and a secret Morgan wish he never knew. And what I am most excited about is that we’re using an unconventional narrative style for this book with a structure similar to that of Christopher Nolan’s hit movie, Memento.

More, including Book 3 preview pages, at KICKSTARTER


Sometimes It Really Does Take a Village…of Parents

There’s a certain thing that happens when you become a parent. A softening, an increase in empathy. Ever wonder how that affects your creativity? Here’s an interesting discussion of the matter featuring one of our favorite as yet all-too-undiscovered writers, Ms. Cara Winter:

from Moms-in-Film

Cara Winter is the writer and co-director of Division, a short film currently crowdfunding on IndieGogo about a young, interracial couple who find themselves in a long-distance relationship… even though they live in the same city.

Moms-in-Film chatted with Cara about

Cara Winter & son Avery

the film, how she made the leap behind the camera and how childcare affects productions of every shape and size.

What’s your role on Division and how did it come about?

Division is a short film I co-wrote (and I’m also co-directing it, with my collaborator George Ellzey Jr.), and it is my first foray into producing my own work. Division is a short film about a young, interracial couple who find themselves in a long-distance relationship… even though they live in the same city. We think anyone who’ve ever had to sit in traffic for over an hour to see someone who lives less than 5 miles away will relate!

Why do you feel it’s important people see this story now?

In the film, the two main characters (who fall in love) happen to be from different ethnic backgrounds, but that isn’t the main thrust of the film?—?not at all. In fact, I don’t think we ever mention it! This was very much on purpose; to us, diversity is normalcy. All too often, in the great romantic comedies (from When Harry Met Sally to Garden State, to more recently La La Land) the main characters are usually white. (And if one of the them is non-white, it’s a major plot point.) With Division, we felt it was important for people to see two PEOPLE fall in love, who just happen to be from different ethnic backgrounds. But it’s NOT a plot point; they’re just people, falling in love, then trying to make a go of it.

Have you always been a writer/director?

No, I was an actress first; I got my undergraduate degree in Theater from NYU, and then I went on to have a stage career. I wasn’t a parent back then, and I travelled a ton? – ?national tours, summer stock, the works. Then, I got married and had a baby, and right away I was like, “I gotta do something else; I don’t want to travel all the time, I want to read to my son every night!”

Were you writing as well as acting at that time?

Writing was always something I’d done on the side, for fun, but once I became a parent, I started to put it more front-and-center. I wrote a play that was produced in New York, and my friend Howard Emanuel came to see it; he was an actor-turned-writer, as well….

Read it all at Medium.Com

Indie Video & Film: ‘Division’

by TVWriter™ Press Service

DIVISION is a short film about a young, interracial couple who find themselves in a long-distance relationship… even though they live in the same city.  In the sprawling city of Chicago, Michael and Camilla’s connection is tested by everything from Cubs traffic and Uber driver road rage, to OCD and work-life balance issues.

Cara Winter & George Ellzey Jr. are the co-Writers, Directors & Producers of DIVISION, working in collaboration with Director of Photography Leonardo Fallucca, and Alex Molnar, Associate Producer. As a team of Chicago-based filmmakers, they share an interest in telling compelling, authentic stories, with an eye towards inclusion and diversity.

Cara Winter  is a writer, director, and producer, and, back in the day, she was a frequent contributor to TVWriter™.  As a screenwriter, Cara’s original TV pilot, Evolution, won 1st Prize in the 2015 People’s Pilot, and is now represented by the LA-based management firm Bohemia Group.  Cara was also named one of ISA’s Top 100 Emerging Screenwriters of 2017.

George Ellzey, Jr. is an actor, writer and producer. Credits include Wait, I’m a Racist? (Rogue Shark Pictures), Off the Rails (Artigianale Films), the critically acclaimed Hellcab at The Den Theater, and producing Desperate, the TV series (RGE Entertainment).

Here at TVWriter™ we think very highly of Ms. Winter and Mr. Ellzey, and our confidence in them as creators is the reason we are recommending that TVWriter™ visitors “hie themselves over” (as LB used to say) to Indiegogo to learn more about Division and contribute what you can to help this dream project come true.

NOTE from Cara Winter: In just under three weeks, thanks to donations that ranged from $5 to $1,500, we’ve raised 30% of our total budget! Plus, award-winning editor Scott Jacobs has agreed to consult on Division. And both the Parent Artists Advocacy League and Moms In Film want to partner with us! We would love for all of you to be involved too!

Travis Richey has Good News for Us

Travis Richey, creator of The Inspector, one of our favorite TV series-within-a-TV series creations (You’ve seen the show on Community, kids, remember?), brings us up to date on the deliciousness of his world:

by Travis Richey

Slated ranks our film 99 out of 100

Greetings, Inspectators!

Well, this is exciting! Slated.com, the networking site for films and investors, has performed a script analysis and financial analysis on The Inspector Chronicles, and the results are AMAZING.  Our total project package score has risen to 55.7 (the highest score is 76.9), which puts us in the top 1% of ALL film projects on the site! Out of 5,516 projects listed on the site, only 20 have a higher total score, and we are the #2 Sci-Fi film on the entire site!

There are three big elements to the package score.

One, the team score.  This takes into account all the great talent (cast and crew) we have attached to the movie. This score will go higher as we attach even more recognizable names to the project.

Second, the script score.  Slated had our script “covered” by three readers, and their notes are combined to give us a script score.  This score will also improve as we integrate the notes we find constructive and perform another polish this fall!

And finally, the financial score, which is a projection of how much a film is likely to make, based on all available data. It is intended to estimate for investors the likelihood of financial success for a project.

Our financial analysis from Slated came back at an astounding 9 out of 100 points, and our revenue as the project stands now is projected at more than 12 times our budget!

Besides just being incredible, it now gives us some bragging rights, and we can go to potential investors with the confidence that an impartial 3rd party thinks this movie will make them some money!

Now the challenge is to find more investors!  We have a contract in place with an excellent Return On Investment offer.  We have some people we’ve already talked to, and we’re reaching out to new potential investors via our Slated.com profile. Check it out!

We’re currently seeking minimum investments of $10,000, and if we got 20 of those, the movie would be funded!  So if anyone knows someone that might be interested…

Also, we still have all of our fantastic name talent attached, but we still have several roles to cast, including the female lead!  Now that we’ve got some money in the bank it becomes a little easier to go to talent and pitch the movie to them.  Plus, with new talent comes new opportunities for announcements that the industry trades might be interested in.  It’s all strategical at this point 🙂

Thank you for your continued support. Without our fans maintaining interest throughout this entire process, we might not have the fortitude to do it ourselves!


A good place to go for more about LB fave writer-director-producer-actor Travis Richey is HERE