Overcoming ShowbizObstacles

A couple of weeks ago, stage32.com, one of the finest websites about getting started in the entertainment industry you’ll ever see, posted some of the most important videos you’ll ever see on YouTube if you’re an ambitious showbiz aspirant. Don’t just go, “Oh, wow!,” click and watch, friends. For your own good and that of the audience you’re trying to get as well.

The whole kit & kaboodle, complete with editorial commentary, is (are?) HERE

LB: Do New Writers Really Have to be ‘Better’ Than Old Pros?

Another Writing Tip
by Larry Brody

…No. New writers don’t “have to be” better.

But they do have to work harder. read article

LB: An Agent’s Job is to Sell Your Work

by Larry Brody

Heard last night in the TVWriter™ Online Writers Room:

An agent’s job is to sell your work, not edit or even critique it. read article

Cartoon: ’12 Rules for Creativity’

Time now for another episode of what we here at TVWriter™ sometimes think of as “the Tao of cartoonist-philosopher Grant Snider. Strangely, the 12th rule here is the one we at TVWriter™ regard as belonging first. But we’re willing to chalk it up to another old rule – the Inverted Pyramid, of course.

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munchman: Writers! Are You Using too Many !!!s?!

Of course you are. We all are. Especially when we text, which has nothing to do with being a writer per se, but still…You get the point, yeah?

See what yer friendly neighborhood munchadoodledoo just did?

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