Larry Brody: Live! From Paradise! #154 “Animal Magic”

THE USUAL NOTE FROM LB: From the summer of 2002 to  the spring of 2010, Gwen the Beautiful and I were the proud and often exhausted owners of a beautiful Ozarks property we called Cloud Creek Ranch.

In many ways, the ranch was paradise. But it was a paradise with a price that started going up before we even knew it existed. Here’s another Monday musing about our adventure and the lessons we learned. read article

Friday Funnies for Writers

“How can you be famous if nobody knows your name?”

Yeppers, here it is. TVWriter™ goes for the writing jugular.


We all know that podcasts are hot. Even Steven Spielberg is snapping up fiction podcasts to turn into TV series. But if you believe it’s a’gonna be easy, well, you might consider taking a second and much more careful look.

Alex Castro Illustration

How China’s biggest audio platform funded one man’s frat boy dreams
by Ashley Carman

Imagine you’re a podcaster who’s been recording your show at CBS Radio, a venerable, if not unglamorous spot. One day, you’re instead offered the chance to start recording in a Beverly Hills home. The house has a pool, free food for the talent — that means you! — and the space to host blowout events. You know what you’d choose, and you know what podcaster Norm Steele chose: the Hollywood life.

When Steele walked into the HiStudios hype house for the first time, he found an oasis, one you wouldn’t expect to come with the territory of being a podcaster. Even the biggest podcaster in the world, Joe Rogan, records in a studio resembling an underground bunker. But here, alongside two studios equipped with hardware and support staff, was a vast view of Los Angeles and the cachet that comes with it. read article

Stacey Jones: NOTHING BUT SPOILERS (Because That’s How You Learn) #7 LOKI!!!

Review by Stacey Jones

EDITOR’S ALERT: This is the  first part of Stacey Jones’ discussion of Loki and its place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Or is it the Marvel Televerse? The real universe, maybe? My mind, it be a’wondering.

Anyway, like it says in the title of this post, a world of SPOILERS awaits below the thin red line. Oh, and also an assumption that you’re familiar with the MCU! read article

America’s Top 10 Broadcast & Streaming Shows 6/15/21

Here’s our latest visit to the weekly Nielsen Top 10 site, loaded with absolutely free info for whomever wants and/or needs it. Which is you, of course. Have a sneak peek:

tv total viewing
for last week

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