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November 28, 2016 UPDATE 2: How’s this for a really cool result of today’s earlier update? Dmitry Larin, admin of a Russian Spider-Man website THWIP, has turned the Second Season arc into a video complete with both English and Russian language versions. It’s up on YouTube right now.

Big thanks for your great work on this, Dmitry! Oh, and there’s an English version too, right HERE.

November 28, 2016 UPDATE: It’s been a terrific weekend. I continued peering into my files, and at last I found the Holy Grail. Well, semi-holy anyway: SPIDER-MAN UNLIMITED #14, the teleplay intended as the opening episode of the Second Season that never was.


Thanksgiving 2016 UPDATE: Although SPIDER-MAN UNLIMITED went off the air in 2000 (whoa, was it really that long ago?) I still get a lot of questions about it. The question most asked has always been, “But the story didn’t end. What was going to happen next?”

Today’s good news is that yesterday I finally found the file that answers that question. So for everyone’s delectation, all you have to do to learn as much as anyone has ever known about the SPIDER-MAN UNLIMITED SECOND SEASON ARC is CLICK HERE!

SPIDER-MAN UNLIMITED aired on Fox Kids in 1999 and 2000 – and was soundly tromped by the competition, a little thing called POKEMON.

I had a great time ramrodding SMU and got a kick out of working in a new Spidey Universe. Why call it that? Well, the best way to answer is to give a brief rundown of the show, which features Spidey and a new “family.” Naoko Yamada-Jones is his new landlady and the little boy is her son Shayne. Mary Jane’s not around for this series, but not because she doesn’t want to be. See, Spidey’s in New York, but it’s a different New York.

Thanks to Venom and Carnage, he’s stranded on the world known as Counter-Earth, where animals are the rulers and humans the underclass. Spidey, of course, wants nothing more than to get home–but as Stan Lee once said, “with great power comes great responsibility,” and when John Jameson (aka Man-Wolf for those in the know) calls upon the webspinner to help the humans who are fighting for freedom…well, what do you think he’ll do?

As long as we’re talking about SPIDER-MAN UNLIMTED, here’s a bonus I found: A complete collection of all the first season episodes of the show, just waiting for you (until someone makes the site taken them down, I imagine) HERE.

Before I forget, here it is, back by popular demand–the theme song from the original ’60s SPIDER-MAN cartoon series. For those of you who get the same nostalgic tingle I do at the very memory of it, download the zip!


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