Brighten Your Life with ‘Doctor Who’

It’s been a terrible week in a terrible year, but sometimes distractions can be a good thing, and today we believe we’ve come up with one that will rank with the best:

Doctors Assemble is a new episode made by fans of Doctor Who, co-starring not one or two or even three, but thirteen different Doctors, and you don’t have to feel guilty about watching and enjoying it because it’s legally licensed from the BBC.

Here’s how the folks at the Doctor Who: LOCKDOWN YouTube Channel put it:

Planet Earth is in terrible danger. Trapped inside the TARDIS, the Doctor calls upon some familiar faces to help save the day…

#DoctorsAssemble was home-produced remotely during the ‘lockdown’ period of the COVID-19 outbreak in May 2020.

All involved in the making of this video contributed their time and talent for free. If you enjoyed it, it would great if you could consider making a donation to The Film and TV Charity’s COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund, to support the creative community which has been affected by the Coronavirus pandemic.

To learn more and make a donation, the place to go is here:

Time now to acknowledge the team that put this together:


Written by JAMES GOSS

The First Doctor – DAVID BRADLEY
The Third Doctor – JON CULSHAW
The Fourth Doctor – JON CULSHAW
The Fifth Doctor – JON CULSHAW
The Seventh Doctor – WINK TAYLOR
The Ninth Doctor – PETE WALSH
The Eleventh Doctor – JACOB DUDMAN
The Twelfth Doctor – JONATHON CARLEY
The Thirteenth Doctor – DEBRA STEPHENSON

VFX & Video Editing – ROB BAINES
Audio Editing – SCOTT HANDCOCK

Produced by EMILY COOK

#DoctorWho is licensed by the BBC. All rights belong to the rightful copyright holders.

Staying in the TARDIS

A website devoted to coming up with Doctor Who Things to Do while we’re hunkered down to survive the current pandemic? Sounds just fine to us. Here’s what’s happening on that very website as of Week 5.


Welcome to Staying in the TARDIS. There’s amazing things out there in the universe, but life at home can be an adventure too. Here inside the TARDIS each week we’ll have fun challenges to do at home – activities such as recipes, printable colouring sheets and word searches from the vortex. There’ll even be some special treats too! Get exploring, it’s bigger on the inside after all…


Make Your Own TARDIS

For this week’s #StayingInTheTARDIS challenge we want to see you create your own TARDIS – using things you’ve got at home, get creative! Whether it’s drawn or built, police box or time rotor, can you build your own time travelling machine? Show us your Type 40 time capsules on Twitter and Instagram, by tagging it with #StayingInTheTARDIS. We’ll share some of our favourites on our social media pages!



FREE: The Fourth Doctor #1

Thanks to Titan Comics you can download the very first issue in The Fourth Doctor adventures for FREE! You can redeem the comic from comiXology by logging in using your existing comiXology or Amazon account and using the promotional code ‘DOC04’.* JELLY BABY?

Read it all at


by Bob Tinsley

Why should you as a visitor to TVWriter™ be interested in creating audio fiction? Why should you be interested in making podcasts? Discoverability, that’s why.

Here’s the latest news to help you and your show get discovered: 


Film Graduates Pivot With Podcast For Amazon.

Griffith Film School (Australia) alumni have written, produced and directed a new scripted podcast for Amazon’s Audible platform. Beyond Strange Lands features an all-star cast which includes Peter Phelps and Sacha Horler. The podcast was originally designed as a proof of concept for a TV sci-fi adventure series, as part of a Screen Queensland initiative. 

Simon Taylor, co-writer of Beyond Strange Lands along with David Peterson, said, “I think filmmakers need to be able to be agile, and find the best way to tell their story. I hope this project inspires our students at GFS to try their hand at scripted podcasts – it is the perfect vehicle for young scriptwriters.”


Vortex – The Big Finish Magazine.

Vortex is the free, in-house magazine of Big Finish, one of the largest audio production houses in the world, and the ONLY licensed outlet for full-cast Dr. Who audio fiction. The magazine, downloadable for free as a PDF file, is an audio (and Dr. Who) fan’s treasure trove of behind-the-scenes information. The latest issue, #135, has an article on how they’ve switched from studio recording to remote recording. This is something every budding podcast creator needs to know.


The HEAR Now Festival is Online This Year.

The HEAR Now Festival, June 11-14, 2020, exposes its audiences to recent developments in audio preservation by showcasing newly restored and archived award-winning audio dramas. 

One of the best audio fiction festivals in the country went online this year, and you can attend all the presentations remotely for free, excepting the two workshops which will cost $195 each. Sign up on the schedule page and pick the presentations you want to attend. You’ll get notifications when they start.


Greater Boston: Live Virtual Mini-episode: “The Council of Evil.”

Greater Boston is a bi-monthly full-cast audio drama set in the Boston metro area, blending the real and the unreal, the historical and the fantastical. Through EventBrite they are planning a free virtual live Greater Boston mini-episode recording, “The Council of Evil.” Sign up at the link below to witness the goodness. And it’s free!


King Falls AM.

King Falls AM centers on a lonely little mountain town’s late-night AM talk radio show and its paranormal, peculiar happenings and inhabitants. This show follows the format of Welcome to Night Vale though, I think, more — coherent? Maybe? Is that the word I want? Whatever, I like it. I particularly like the interplay between Sammy, the on-air host and his producer, Ben, though I can’t leave out Deputy Troy, either. With 100 episodes in the can, I think they have it figured out. Listen and enjoy.

Until next week, same Pod-time, same Pod-channel, keep listening and  creating.

Latest on WGAW 2020 MBA Negotiations Part 6

It’s contract renegotiation time!

Specifically, it’s that time when the Writers Guild of America sits down with the Association of Motion Picture & Television Producers (AMPTP) and tries like hell to make our TV, film, and other electronic media writing lives happier, healthier, and more fulfilling.

In other words, we’re looking for ways to be more productive and creative and make more $$$.

This week we’ll be bringing you the full text of the latest missives from the Writers Guild of America negotiating committee on the Guild’s position regarding more issues of importance to TV (and film) writers.

workplace inclusion

Dear Members,

For many years, some WGA writers have faced unfair discrimination based on factors that have nothing to do with their writing. Statistics from UCLA’s Hollywood Diversity Report (Film, TV) and other studies clearly show the existence of bias against writers who are women, people of color, people over 55, people in the LGBTQ+ community, and people with disabilities. Our union exists to protect the wages and working conditions of all members. So the Guild has both the right and the responsibility to take action to protect these writers, targeting specific areas to improve outcomes.

In this negotiation, we are asking the AMPTP companies to provide the Guild with concrete data about activity in their recruitment, compensation, and retention of writers to better inform our efforts to find solutions. We have made the following specific proposals to support this goal:

PAY EQUITY: Companies would provide the Guild with regular reports on deals being made, so we can spot inequities as they happen.

ACCESS: Companies would provide the Guild with regular reports on all writer meetings. Since meetings precede deals, it is important to document who is meeting with whom to understand where systemic obstacles exist.

TERMINATIONS: Companies would provide the Guild with regular reports on which writers’ options are picked up and which are not, which writers are given a next step and which are not, so we can spot any patterns of bias that need to be addressed.

COMPANY-BY-COMPANY PLANS: Using information provided in the above reports, the Guild is proposing to hold regular meetings with each AMPTP company to discuss where problems exist and how we can work together to solve them.

ELIMINATING NEW WRITER DISCOUNT AND TRAINING PROGRAM RATES: These discounted minimums currently found in the MBA undercut standards, are counter-productive and send the wrong message: that underrepresented groups are inherently worth less.

Taken together, these proposals would represent a substantial step forward in obtaining concrete, company-by-company data, and would create incentives for companies to create a more inclusive and equitable industry for all writers.

In solidarity,

MBA Negotiating Committee

Michele Mulroney, Co-Chair
Shawn Ryan, Co-Chair
Betsy Thomas, Co-Chair

Liz Alper
Arash Amel
John August
Amy Berg
Ashley Nicole Black
Adam Brooks
Francesca Butler
Patti Carr
Robb Chavis
Meg DeLoatch
Travis Donnelly
Kate Erickson
Dante W. Harper
Eric Heisserer
Melissa London Hilfers
Elliott Kalan
Chris Keyser
Adele Lim
Peter Murrieta
Luvh Rakhe
Dailyn Rodriguez
Erica Saleh
Sara Schaeffer
David Slack
Lauren Ashley Smith
Meredith Stiehm
Patric M. Verrone

David A. Goodman, Ex-Officio
Marjorie David, Ex-Officio
Beau Willimon, Ex-Officio
Kathy McGee, Ex-Officio
Bob Schneider, Ex-Officio


by Larry Brody

Some of you have gotten in touch to remind me that for the past several years the PEOPLE’S PILOT has opened on June 1st and to ask if an opening date has been set for PEOPLE’S PILOT 2020.

I hate having to say this, but there won’t be an opening date this year, and right now it looks as though the competition that has become synonymous with  TVWriter™ to many people probably won’t be back for quite awhile, if ever.

The following notice, which I posted on the PP landing page yesterday (at both and hits the salient points:

The PEOPLE’S PILOT Writing Contest has been helping new TV & film writers get the recognition they deserve for 20 years.

The current cultural, medical, and financial climates, however, have made it impossible for TVWriter™ to continue with the PP.

We believe it is imperative to correct the political, ethical, business, and public health problems that have caused so much recent suffering, and are channeling the energy formerly used for running our signature competition to that end.

We look forward to the day when The People’s Pilot can return. In the meantime, please be aware that:

For me, this is a very sad announcement.

I created the PP and have overseen 28 different runnings of the contest over the past 20 years. (For 4 of those years the PP was so popular we held it every six months.) This is the end of an era in my life.

The stresses all of us in the U.S. have been subjected to for the past three and a half + years have been affecting me more and more recently, probably because of my age and its attendant illnesses, including a recent battle with cancer.

No, I’m not going to die from that cancer. I had surgery four months ago, and the ever-able Dr. Dimitri Kuznetsov, got it all.

But these days I’m much more aware of the fact that I’m 75 years old and mortal as hell. And as a writer who spent most of my working life writing and/or producing TV shows like Police Story, Hawaii Five-0, The Streets of San Francisco, and on and on, I find myself wondering how much I’ve contributed to the glorification of guns and violence and general bullshit machismo that has and is causing so much harm.

I’ve been doing an overabundance of overthinking lately, and the regret that’s caused, combined with the fact that over the years PEOPLE’S PILOT has taken more time, effort, and toil than everything I do regarding TVWriter™ has brought me back to the primary feeling of my young adulthood – “It’s time to make this world a better place!”

But how do I do that when I have so much less energy than I did when I was that young man?

Since starting TVWriter™ in 1997 and completing the break from active TV work that I began in the early ’90s, I’ve dedicated myself to helping new writers master their craft and create meaningful and fulfilling written work.  This has become as important to me as my own writing was.

The way I see it, the thing I do best in my life these days is the teaching, mentoring, consulting thing. So that’s what TVWriter™ and I are going to concentrate on from now on.

Well, that and the actual living my life in a way that allows me to spend more time with my family and those I love.

Oh, and speaking of spending my time, I am now facing the fact that no matter how much I would like to get all of the PEOPLE’S PILOT 2019 Feedback out to its entrants, that just ain’t gonna happen.

To make up for that, I’ve expanded my online teaching schedule and will be offering Special Discount fees for the TVWriter™ Advanced Workshop or LB’s Master Class to qualified PP 2019 entrants. I also hope to be able to make a discounted Basic Workshop available to the remaining entrants, but that may take awhile.

An email with the deets will be winging its way to the involved parties next week.

That’s it for now. Stay healthy. Stay safe.

And don’t forget to WRITE!