10 Common Grammar Rules You’re Probably Messing Up All the Time

You read that right, fellow writers and readers and other human beings. You – make that we – have been breaking grammar rules right and left forever, and Lifehacker.Com isn’t letting us get away with it any longer.


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LB: About that Memoir by Ron Howard and Clint Howard

The Howard Boys

by Larry Brody

So it turns out that $14.99 is not such an unusual price for a Kindle book.

I know because Gwen the Beautiful – among many others – has told me so, with Gwen adding that fifteen bucks is par for the course in terms of the science books she devours via that very source. read article

LB: Thoughts on Creating a Protagonist Who’s a Total Asshole

Pic at bang2write.com

by Larry Brody

Back in 2001, after the demise of FoxKids TV, Haim Saban’s U.S. production company, and, therefore, Spider-Man unlimited and my last show for both corporations, Diabolik, I used the time I now had – and the disgust I felt about the whole way my second career (AKA the animation writing thing) had gone – to write a novel.

It was based on a true story, and I worked very closely with the subject of that story, a cardio-thoracic surgeon who had unfairly lost his medical license because, in his own words, “I’m a major league asshole.”

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LB: Some showbiz (and real life) lessons recently learned

by Larry Brody

SHOWBIZ lesson #1

For various arcane reasons, I’ve always considered myself to have come of age – as in become aware of the world around me and my place in it in 1962 – the year I graduated from high school.

Today I realized that if I’d become a visitor to TVWriter™ in 1962, the information I currently provide visitors and students would have been coming from a man whose last professional Hollywood style writing job was in 1942 – because 20 years ago was when I did my last episode of Spider-Man Unlimited.

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LB: 2 TV Shows I’m no longer watching

by Larry Brody

Changes, changes, changes….


I’ve always found Gary Cole to be off-putting. He’s a good actor, but I never like the characters he plays. Just don’t want to be around them. read article