Dawn McElligott: Ready-to Wear? High Fashion? Mockery for the Next TV Season?

by Dawn McElligott

Critiques of THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA are showing up all over YouTube.  Viewers are enjoying the dissection of selected scenes with explanations of what makes them work. One video, “Andy Gets a Makeover,” attracted well over a million views since JoBlo Movie Clips posted it in June.

Impressive for a 15-year-old movie.

At the same time, Throw Back TV is posting scenes and full episodes of JUST SHOOT ME, a sitcom on NBC that poked fun at women’s magazines from 1997 to 2003. read article

munchman: Mike Richards is OUT of ‘Jeopardy’

The only a-hole allowed around here is munchman!

This New York Times subhead says it all:

Three weeks after naming him as Alex Trebek’s replacement to host the show, Sony cited “disruption and internal difficulties” in its announcement that he will leave the program entirely.

And so we wave a not-so-fond “adieu” to a guy who achieved 2 major dubious distinctions to the world in, what, about 4 weeks? read article

munchman sees ‘Rutherford Falls’ so you don’t have to

Nothing to see here. Move on, move on.

Worst pilot yer friendly neighborhood munchmelon ever saw that actually made it to the air & is threatening to come back again for a 2nd season.

The responsible talent for this travesty masquerading as a humorous attempt to set straight the history of European invader/murderers & the atrocities they committed to Native Americans is writer-star-whatever ed helms, whose hyperactive performance made me turn the sound off after his first scene. But hey, I watched it all, I swear. With my eyes closed, of course.

munchy score: MINUS 6 STARS OUT OF 5. read article

PJ McIlvaine: Some Things Never Change

by PJ McIlvaine

(NOTE FROM LB: It’s been far too long since PJ McIlvaine, who just as the pic above tells us, is indeed a “Dragon of Magical Things” (and a most powerful one at that) graced this website and we are sooo glad to have her back, even for just this tasty little teaser.)

Write. read article

munchman summarizes every film he’s seen in the last 3 yrs

As of this moment & this comic, ruben bolling has proven his very self to be yrs. truly’s soulmate. Yo, Ken!

yer friendly nabe munchman read article