Kevin Bacon’s Revolutionary New Gig

When is a TV or web series not a TV or web series?

When it’s an audio series. Erm, a podcast, um…how ’bout we just say when it’s something new, unique, and wonderful like the new fictional comedy series podcast I’m Gonna Be Kevin Bacon, in which some old actor name of Kevin Bacon plays – no, not Kevin Bacon but another old actor called “Randy Beslow,” an angry and embittered actor who lost the starring role in Footloose to Bacon and is riding the trail of revenge.

Or, as Kevin Bacon himself put it last week:

Hmm, is that really the famous Kev? Or is the guy above Randy Beslow? Guess we’ll have to listen and see find out.

Created by Dan Abramson, a Funny or Die production, scheduled to appear on Spotify soon.

What Makes ‘Into the Spider-Verse’ so Loved

We all love Into the Spider-Verse, yeah? This TVWriter™ minion even knows a rival major studio head who thinks it’s the best film of the year so far.  The following video looks into what makes Spider-Verse work so, you know, we all can do it and make everybody who ever turned us down as envious as my studio head friend.

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Up & Running – Bri Castellini & Chris Cherry’s Complete 2nd Season of ‘Sam and Pat are Depressed”

The latest from the creators themselves:

You can now watch ALL of Sam and Pat Are Depressed, Season 2
by “Sam and Pat”

We took a big swing introducing a (gasp) PLOT this season, but we think you’ll agree, it was worth it!

You can now find Sam and Pat Are Depressed, the complete 2 seasons, at SeekaTV, Stareable, and YouTube.

And, if you want to continue supporting the show and the team behind it, please consider joining us on Stareable Enrich, where for just $1 a month you’ll get 2 overly-artsy closeups of our many, many props, and for $5 you’ll get tons of behind-the-scenes content and early access to updates.

Join Sam and Pat Are Depressed

EDITOR’S NOTE: Speaking of Bri and Chris, you all know we’re big fans, so you won’t be surprised to hear that we also love their podcast, Bri and Chris are Depressed. Hmm, some cool synchronicity there, yeah?

Just click the image below and start listening. We promise that when you hear it you won’t be depressed at all.


Why Most “Normal” People Don’t Understand Writers

We love Lou Stone Borenstein for two reasons:

  1. He’s funny as hell.
  2. He’s fucking crazy.

For example, how about this video “for every introvert skeptical of the advice out there and every extrovert wondering what introverts are so scared of, and everybody in between”:

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Everything You Should Know About ‘Sam and Pat are Depressed’

A wonderful article on the latest web series created, written by, starring, et al, TVWriter™ frequent contributor Bri Castellini and her partner Chris Cherry. This TVWriter™ minion’s favorite read of the week:

via Snobby Robot

Many people view depression and other mental health issues in negative terms, no thanks to the typical tropes that have been attached to mental illness in mainstream media. In reality, daily life can be quite mundane for people who deal with various mental health issues; problems that are actually more annoying than life-altering.

However, getting through those problems with a sense of humor can make a remarkable difference in the lives of those who suffer from depression. When dealing with life’s highs and lows, it’s true that laughter is the best medicine, and the acclaimed comedy web series SAM AND PAT ARE DEPRESSED is perfect evidence of that credo.

Co-executive produced and co-written by Bri Castellini and Chris Cherry (who play, respectively, Sam and Pat), this comedic yet relatable look at living with mental health returns for its second season March 25th on Stareable and Seeka TV. Season 1 of SAM AND PAT can also be seen on both platforms.

Complimenting each episode of SAM AND PAT is season 1 of the podcast BRI AND CHRIS ARE DEPRESSED, which can be heard on several audio platforms including iTunes and Spotify. Co-hosted by Castellini and Cherry, the podcast covers many of the mental health issues portrayed in SAM AND PAT. In addition, listeners can contact Castellini and Cherry on Twitter (@_UndeadBurrito_) with their questions for season 2 of the podcast…

While the visual look and feel of SAM AND PAT ARE DEPRESSED has improved in season 2, the show is still focused on two people who try their hardest to deal with the complexities of their mental health. While Castellini and Cherry continue to live prosperous lives in spite of their struggles with depression, they hope that their series and podcast can help viewers achieve that same existence for themselves.

Based on Castellini and Cherry’s own experiences with depression and therapy, season 2 of SAM AND PAT humorously addresses many topics similar to those explored in its first season. Yet, both of them note that SAM AND PAT’s second season will also explore a topic that many people still find difficult to discuss: antidepressants….

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