‘When to Break Up’ – A Work of Indie Prod Joy from Kate Hackett

Ultra-talented filmmaker Kate Hackett returns to TVWriter™ with another fine example of what an indie web series can be.

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‘Going Going Gone’ by Ken Levine

As confirmed fans of writer-producer-sportscaster Ken Levine, we are happy to share this Zoom reading of his latest full-length comedy play with TVWriter™ visitors.

It ain’t Cheers, MASH, or Frasier, three of the many TV series Ken has written and produced over the years. It’s even better. Check it out. read article

Bri Castellini on Networking – @brisownworld

Our Big Boss Man, LB, is incommunicado today (we think he’s having a bit of trouble recovering from having to come back to –shudder – work), so we don’t have all the deets on how this infogram from TVWriter™ fave indie writer-producer Bri Castellini came to be, but we can tell you this much:

It’s a good one. Stop, look, and learn!

God is a Gamer – A New Year’s Treat from Kate Hackett

Ya gotta love this one! (In other words, we do, because our Beloved Leader, LB, is still laughing. And he watched it last week.

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Why You Should Keep Your Eye on Filmmaker Kate Hackett

Kate Hackett in her non-elf, human form

We were going to wait until Christmas to post this video, but the big boss man (Yeah, we’re talking about LB) want to make sure it didn’t get lost in what he calls “Surplus Christmas Madness.”

So right here, right now, we’re bringing you an extraordinary video by an extraordinary writer, director, actor, producer, editor and on and on and on. Take it away Ms. Hackett!

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