Sometimes It Really Does Take a Village…of Parents

There’s a certain thing that happens when you become a parent. A softening, an increase in empathy. Ever wonder how that affects your creativity? Here’s an interesting discussion of the matter featuring one of our favorite as yet all-too-undiscovered writers, Ms. Cara Winter:

from Moms-in-Film

Cara Winter is the writer and co-director of Division, a short film currently crowdfunding on IndieGogo about a young, interracial couple who find themselves in a long-distance relationship… even though they live in the same city.

Moms-in-Film chatted with Cara about

Cara Winter & son Avery

the film, how she made the leap behind the camera and how childcare affects productions of every shape and size.

What’s your role on Division and how did it come about?

Division is a short film I co-wrote (and I’m also co-directing it, with my collaborator George Ellzey Jr.), and it is my first foray into producing my own work. Division is a short film about a young, interracial couple who find themselves in a long-distance relationship… even though they live in the same city. We think anyone who’ve ever had to sit in traffic for over an hour to see someone who lives less than 5 miles away will relate!

Why do you feel it’s important people see this story now?

In the film, the two main characters (who fall in love) happen to be from different ethnic backgrounds, but that isn’t the main thrust of the film?—?not at all. In fact, I don’t think we ever mention it! This was very much on purpose; to us, diversity is normalcy. All too often, in the great romantic comedies (from When Harry Met Sally to Garden State, to more recently La La Land) the main characters are usually white. (And if one of the them is non-white, it’s a major plot point.) With Division, we felt it was important for people to see two PEOPLE fall in love, who just happen to be from different ethnic backgrounds. But it’s NOT a plot point; they’re just people, falling in love, then trying to make a go of it.

Have you always been a writer/director?

No, I was an actress first; I got my undergraduate degree in Theater from NYU, and then I went on to have a stage career. I wasn’t a parent back then, and I travelled a ton? – ?national tours, summer stock, the works. Then, I got married and had a baby, and right away I was like, “I gotta do something else; I don’t want to travel all the time, I want to read to my son every night!”

Were you writing as well as acting at that time?

Writing was always something I’d done on the side, for fun, but once I became a parent, I started to put it more front-and-center. I wrote a play that was produced in New York, and my friend Howard Emanuel came to see it; he was an actor-turned-writer, as well….

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Web Series: ‘You’re The Pest’

Remember a couple of years back when we were lovin’ on a quaint little series called You’re the Worst? Well, since then You’re the Worst has, in our opinion, kind of spun off in the worst direction possible…as in continued doing what it was doing until becoming just another same old, same old TV series.

But happy days for discerning video nerds who believe in truth, justice, and new weirdness whenever possible are now here, in another little show (as in teeny budget) with big smarts (as in terrific writing, acting, even premising.)

Okay, so maybe “premising” isn’t a word. But it should be.

What we’re trying to tell you is that you’d be making a mistake if you didn’t immediately go to your favorite TV watching media (ours is our iPhone) and watch You’re The Pest. We guarantee it’ll heal that aching in your heart for the experience of seeing something boldly going where humor so often fears to tread.

For example:

Or, better yet, this:

You’re the Pest is merrily ensconced on the interwebs in the following places:

Marissa Insta:
Marissa Twitter:
Alex Insta:
Alex Twitter:
YTP Facebook:
YTP Twitter:
YTP Insta:

You’re The Pest is a comedic webseries about two estranged childhood friends, Alex and Marissa, who are thrown back into each others’ lives when they inherit their families’ extermination company in Queens after their fathers die in a freak skydiving accident. Between Alex’s recent expulsion from the police academy, and Marissa’s desperate attempt to hold onto her pageant glory, their lives are taking an unexpected turn.

Created and Written by Taylor Coriell and Jasmine Romero
Developed by Taylor Coriell and Chris Beier
Series Directed by Adrienne Lovette
Series Regulars Marissa- Adriana DeGirolami Alex- Taylor Coriell Max- Jeremy C. Fernandez Rye- Chantal Maurice Derek- Kevin Sebastian Stuart- Aaron Gold

While we’re at it, here’s a Snobby Robot.Com article about the show we think you’ll like.

Indie Film & Video: Best Puppet Film Ever

A day in the life of a Husband and a Wife, living in a world of giant monsters

Inspired by Bri Castellini’s post last week about being a weird filmmaker and our more recent awareness of the upcoming and sure-to-be-very-very-weird The Man Who Killed Hitler And Then The Bigfoot, which is – of course – in line to become the favorite film of all time for TVWriter™’s #1 Troublesome Sun Munchman, we’ve just watched the short film above and are wriggling with excitement.

This puppet show – yeppers, it really is a puppet show, but it takes awhile for that to sink in due to the brilliant cinemagraphy – should have you moaning happily, or at least purring, for hours.

So don’t just sit there trying to figure out our grammar, click the link below and enjoy!

Kaiju Bunraku
by Lucas Leyva & Jillian Mayer
From Borscht



Another extremely helpful Ted Talks video about showbiz and how to make the most of whatever you’ve got.

Watching this one, what fascinates this TVWriter™ minion most isn’t the good  advice. Instead, it’s the amazing, pro-level public speaking ability of Nicolas Forzy, the dude giving the talk. No way could yrs. truly ever match that delivery.

In other words, while on the one hand Forzy’s talk has me all revved up, on the other hand Forzy’s actual existence – his natural charisma and polish, has me near tears.

Man, life really is just one damn thing after another, right?

Nicolas Forzy, if you’re reading this, please tell me that you started out totally out of your comfort zone when having to pitch, whether to individuals in elevators or to crowds at huge workshops. Please! (Even if it’s a lie….)

See, told you not-so-old Nicky was smooooth.


More TED Talks – well, actually “TEDx Talks” – HERE


Indie Video: Goldentusk is a Finalist in the AT&T Shape Create-a-Thon!

Andy Goldenberg, the comedic mind behind zombie rom com BAD TIMING, presents FOOT TRAFFIC, the short (3 minutes is all it takes to do an excellently satirical job) tale about a world in which you need Walker’s Insurance to, well, walk.

FOOT TRAFFIC is 1 of the Top 4 Finalists in the Mobile Film Category of the 2nd Annual AT&T Shape Film Festival and Andy needs OUR votes to win the grand prize.

This TVWriter™ minion got a good solid chuckle out of this very well done three-minute short, and we think you will too.

And if you feel like voting for it, we’re pretty sure Andy and his cast, crew, and buds wouldn’t mind to see you do just that HERE

Oh, and while we’re at it:

See Season 1 of Andy Goldenberg’s funny, romantic, and scarily successful zombie web series Bad Timing HERE

And the second season of Bad Timing is HERE

Goldentusk, the shop where he does all the magic is HERE.