Virtual YouTubers could change the way we interact – forever

William Gibson’s cyber future continues to grow in our real present. For example, did you know you now can create almost perfect video AI replicas of yourself to serve as your interweb stand-ins? No expertise needed? Read on.

A young Japanese woman sporting a giant pink bow and white opera gloves looks into the camera and gleefully greets her YouTube audience. She’s about to try and solve a puzzle.

Before diving into the game, she boasts with a smile: “Well, compared to all you humans, I can clear it much faster. No doubt about it!” read article

Kickstarting Your Web Series or Fiction Podcast

by Bob Tinsley

Doing a Kickstarter isn’t hard.

I’m putting my money where my mouth is, figuratively speaking. I’m doing a Kickstarter campaign to fund converting my fiction podcast, ESCAPE! Scifi, into a full cast audiobook. You can find it here:

I’ve been thinking about a KS for a while, but I had no idea how to start. I thought it would be difficult and time consuming, so I didn’t do anything about it. read article

Are Rick and Morty Really Rick and Morty? Are They Still Funny in Japanese?

Is this the real thing or just a fantasy?

Or to put it another way, is this fanfic or future canon?

Either way, we love this mini-episode of Rick and Morty and are pretty darn sure that even if y’all don’t, you’ll still be, well, let’s just say intrigued. read article

Big Production dreams? No $$$? Read This

The people over at Stage32.Com are so smart they sometimes scare us. Here, as Rod Serling might have said way back when, is a “case in point.”

How to Create a Web Series with Literally Zero Budget
by William Joseph Hill

The funny thing about coming up with a web series is that sometimes it’s better to not try and create a web series. What do we mean by that? Well, if you’re looking for a big picture to start from, chances are you won’t be satisfied with anything less than a big idea. read article