Web Series: ‘Wenlock & Jones’

Not bad, huh? Cute trailer, yeah? Makes the search for a missing college mascot look fun, right?

This episode is pretty fun too:

We at TVWriter™ admit it – we’re suckers for Brit accents. (munchman even more than the rest of us, which is why he goes around using several different varieties whenever he can…usually in moments of stress. )

The accents here are wonderful…and pretty darn high class as well. To top it all off, they’re real. At least we think they are. Not being the experts that muncherado is we can’t be sure (and he isn’t talking in anything but his strictest Manchesterieze right now which means he’s unintelligible to all human beings with anything resembling normal hearing.

Bottom line: If you like the way the characters in the Harry Potter films sound, you’ll love listening to Wenlock & Jones. And if you’re into well-made video with truly sensational young UK actors, hie thyself to Wenlock & Jones.Com for more, more, more!

Oh, before we go, here the highly deserved credits:

Cassia Price

Yaseen Kader

Director of Photography
Patrick Brooks

Elizabeth Howcroft

Executive Producer
Sathya James

Assistant Director
Hannah Moss

Alexander Day

Script Supervisor
Noah Geelan

Sound Recordist
David Erwood

Location Manager
Michaela Higham

Assistant Producer
Millie Morgan

Production Assistants
Liz Campbell
Joanna Taylor
Bella Hull

Publicity Photographer
Johannes Hjorth

Iphigenia “Genie” Jones – Dolores “Dolly” Carbonari

Henry Wenlock – Enrico Hallworth

JJ Lyons – Patrick Sylla

Ingrid Sabbatini – Teuta Day

Rita Douglas – Maya Achan

Innogen Garamond – Beth Hindhaugh

Benji Mapham – Nick Hendy

Alistair Ormsby-Gore – Orlando Gibbs

Sally Forth – Shimali De Silva

Grace Campion – Fay Cartwright

Verity Cho – Cara Fung

Connie Rudd – Louise Harris

Frank Henslowe – Zac Peel

Fox-Lavender Faraway – Ania Magliano-Wright

Douglas Heywood – Leo Benedict

Sammy MacFarland – Colin Rothwell

Jackie Kirkpatrick – Carine Valarché

Olivia Kondabolu – Ananya Mishra

Rahul Dev – Rahul Dev

Johnny Burrow – Johnny Burrow

Nicholas Horton – Ben Morley

For the record – we think these folks are gonna go far!

Animation Tips and Tricks from real, um – you know – animators

Ever get that feeling that the rest of the world knows something you don’t? And what they know is about your absolute passion of passions?

That’s the feeling we got when we stumbled onto the YouTube Channel of – Georgiana. We haven’t seen the Georgiana web series yet because we’ve been too busy watching the most entertaining instructional videos since, yeah, the last most entertaining instructional videos we saw.

In other words, even our B(eloved) L(eader) L(arry)B(rody), who’s done a fair amount of animation work in his lifetime, was immediately astounded by what we’re about to show you.

Oh, and not only are the tips great, they’re also short. And the music is to die for. (In fact, since it’s old, classic blues, odds are that the creators of said music have done just that.)


There, now you’re all caught up and ready to watch this one with us:

More Georgiana HERE

Web Series: ‘A Tell Tale Vlog’

What can we say after we’ve said this:

“Edgar Allan Poe attempts to keep a writing vlog while Lenore the Lady Ghost haunts his study.”

And if that logline isn’t enough in itself, here’s the first episode (which will take less time to watch than it took this TVWriter™ minion’s ex to read that very same logline:

Actually, that’s all the episodes because loops, know what I’m saying? A Tell Tale Vlog just keeps on churning episode after episode, strong and steady and funny. And all you’ve got to do is sit back and laugh.

To put it another way:

Another reason we love web series!

Bri Castellini: ‘Sam and Pat are Depressed’ comes to YouTube – @brisownworld

by Team TVWriter™ Press Service

The team behind several award-winning digital projects is back together for a new comedy web series: Sam and Pat Are Depressed. Created by Bri Castellini, starring Castellini and Chris Cherry, Sam and Pat season one was exclusively released with the indie streaming platform SeekaTV. The full season, comprised of nine episodes, was added to the Undead Burrito YouTube channel Monday, February 5th.

Sam and Pat Are Depressed follows depressed roommates Sam (Castellini) and Pat (Cherry) who help each other navigate the inherent awkwardness of therapy through profanity, humor, and take-out. The show covers topics ranging from pre-therapy small talk with your therapist and accidentally cyberstalking your counselor to more serious topics like whether or not nihilistic humor is a cry for help or simply a means of honest self-expression.

The show is largely based on the mental health journeys of Castellini and Cherry, attempting to make sense of their frustrations and fears through humor. If nothing else, they hope their blunt, honest explorations of these topics will help viewers struggling with the same issues feel less isolated.

The full season has accompanying English subtitles for viewers with hearing disorders on both YouTube and SeekaTV.

About Undead Burrito Productions

Undead Burrito Productions has produced the award-winning web series Brains (created by Castellini), the award-winning web series Relativity
(created and directed by Cherry), and the award-winning short film Ace and Anxious (written and directed by Castellini).

Sam and Pat Are Depressed season 1 is their latest completed project, with a new short film, Buy In (directed and co-written by Castellini), currently in post production.

Bri Castellini is an indie filmmaker and Community Liaison at Stareable, our favorite web series hub. Watch Bri’s award-winning web series, Brains, HERE

Web Series: Essay About Relationships

This web series calls itself a mockumentary, but there’s nothing mocking about it. Check out the varying points of view as different characters discuss their (fictional) relationships and you’ll see some very real insight indeed.

Oh, this series is in Spanish, with English subtitles. Should we have said this earlier? For those of us at TVWriter™ who don’t speak Spanish, this increased the “reality” feeling because, let’s face it, even when convos are in our own language, we often don’t understand what’s being said.

Especially when it comes to convos about relationships.

Insightful stuff here. Watch it!

Find out more about Essay about relationships on video HERE