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TVWriter™’s fave indie filmmaker, Bri Castellini, is here to wish us a “Happy Spring!” complete with a cute dog pic.

Well, actually what she wrote is, Happy Spring Larry! because the following is from an email Bri sent him. But we’re all family here, yeah?

CJ (Calamity Jane) is similarly happy about the change in weather, because it means we go to the park on weekends way more often!

Anyways, hello from colorful Colorado! We’ve been here since mid February and it was a massive improvement in every way to New York. New York City was a wonderful place to spend my early 20s, but in my old age it was time to move on. I’m half-vaccinated and eyeing a May/June final move to Los Angeles, but I’m in no hurry. You’d think moving your fiance in with his mother in law would be awkward, and yet! I’m a lucky gal.

Big News!!!

The big news this month is that after a fevered last-minute application to the Stowe Story Labs, my latest web series script Dead on Arrival is a semifinalist for a fellowship! Meaning I could potentially get a free ride to one of the many labs under the Stowe umbrella (the Sidewalk Lab, to be specific), but I’m also still very much in the running for partial scholarships or full tuition lab inclusion.

Dead on Arrival is a 10-episode web series (so far ?) following a misanthropic, asexual aspiring journalist who moves to New York City to live alone for the first time in her life, only to discover that her new apartment is haunted by the cheerful ghost of the murdered former tenant.

It was adapted from a full-length TV pilot that’s also been sent out to a variety of other fellowships already this year, and no matter what I hope it’s my next project! The irony of finding success with a NYC script literally as I leave NYC is… not lost on me.

If you aren’t plugged into the online media world, you may be unaware that Substack, where my filmmaking podcast with Christina Raia and I used to offer a subscription for bonus educational resources, has had some major issues recently regarding their response to transphobic writers on their platform. Disappointed with their inaction and apathy, we’ve decided to move our bonus content over to Patreon, which actually presents some cool opportunities for you!

While Substack had a minimum required pledge of $5, Patreon is much more flexible, meaning you can get the full archive of bonus content plus all new posts for just $3/month! A literal steal, given the amount of content that entails. However, if you subscribe at the original $5 level, you’ll also get a holographic logo sticker!

On behalf of my podcast, I’ve also started regularly contributing to the new Pipeline Artists site! The first article, above, is unpacking the gaslighting that happens (and that we sometimes do to ourselves) when we talk about projects funded through in-kind offers and volunteers as “no budget.” Just because money wasn’t exchanged doesn’t mean the services exchanged aren’t valuable!

The second article already up is on the talking points surrounding representation in media. It’s really good, and very personal. Check it out!

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