How to Get Your TV Show Idea on the Air #1

by Larry Brody

This is a big moment, kids. The debut of TVWriter™’s new weekly feature spotlighting videos on how to sell your TV series and get it made and seen by your friends, neighbors, enemies, and, of course, perfect strangers.

Longtime visitors to this site will remember the image above as accompanying a humorous gossip column called “For Love & Money” that we ran in years gone by. We’re using it now because, for better and for worse, those two elements of life remain what the TV Industry is all about.

In other words, this is serious business indeed, but the process also is filled with fun and, yes, love.  So please sit back and click to learn, enjoy, and maybe even find your TV show Destiny. read article

Stephanie Bourbon: Goals Help Writers Reach Their Dreams

LB’S NOTE: One of our fave TV writers-illustrators-screenwriters-vloggers, Stephanie Bourbon, shares her productive insight into the practical value of setting goals.

by Stephanie Bourbon

Hello, Writers! read article

Bri Castellini: How My ‘Burn Notice’ Podcast Made Me a Better TV Writer

TVWriter™ fave indie filmmaker, Bri Castellini, has turned her talents to several creative arenas, and she has impressed us every time. It’s with true joy that we present this article on her ongoing  – highly successful – experience with podcasting.

by Bri Castellini

We started “Burn, Noticed,” a weekly rewatch podcast for the late 00’s USA television show “Burn Notice,” as a joke. I tweeted the title of what is now a two-year-old show spanning 73 episodes because the concept of a podcast about “Burn Notice” was funny enough to me, let alone a “Burn Notice” recap podcast called Burn, Noticed. read article

Dawn McElligott: Remembering Frank Bonner and ‘WKRP in Cincinnati’

Frank Bonner as WKRP’s Herb Tarlek

by Dawn McElligott

The death of actor Frank Bonner on June 16th kicked off another wave of nostalgia about one of the best sitcoms in TV history, “WKRP in Cincinnati.”

Before starring on “WKRP …” Frank Bonner had been acting in commercials and had small roles in such shows as “Mannix.” As “WKRP …” came together, the unpredictable machinations of casting helped Bonner get his big break.

According to, David Cassidy had originally been offered the part of Dr. Johnny Fever but the former “Partridge Family” star turned it down. read article

Stephanie Bourbon: Bromance for the Win

LB’S NOTE: One of our fave TV writers-illustrators-screenwriters-vloggers, Stephanie Bourbon, talks about her “favorite show, ever” and why it still works so well.

Jerry Maguire is the Perfect Bromance
by Stephanie Bourbon

If you were in your twenties when Jerry Maguire came out, or even in your late teens, you saw Jerry Maguire and started going around saying the catchphrases of “you had me at hello” and maybe even said to your person you were with then, “you complete me” basically the entire world was caught up in Jerry & Dorothy’s love story about a financially drowning & down and out sports agent & an accountant who get together after he writes a mission statement. read article