Herbie J Pilato: Best Christmas Cinema Classics

EDITOR’S NOTE: Part I of Christmas Joy brought to us all by TVWriter™ legendary Contributing Editor Emeritus Herbie J Pilato.

by Herbie J Pilato

They just don’t make ’em like they used to. read article

Stephanie Bourbon on the Things Successful Writers Do

LB’S NOTE: One of our fave TV writers-illustrators-screenwriters-vloggers, Stephanie Bourbon, reminds us of what it takes for successful writers to get that way. Just the refresher course so many of us need.

No, we’re not saying specifically who but y’all know who you are….

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Thoughts About Women, Purses, and Their Place on TV, Film & – OMG! – Real Life

by Elizabeth English

Do you ever wonder how it is possible that women in movies & TV almost never carry purses? Somehow, they go out for the day without a purse, drive a car, talk on their cell phones, use their credit card, and All without a purse to hold them, or pockets.

Even in cop shows, guns, handcuffs, car keys, flashlight, cell phones, etc. arrive in their hands without any place to hold them prior to their use!

Example: Julia Roberts’ character in the Pretty Woman film, dressed in a skin-tight mini dress, spends the day going around Beverly Hills ?in taxis, shopping at all the exclusive boutiques and ?stores, having lunch in a restaurant, & etc., then returns to her hotel room, without a purse to hold her credit card, lipstick, hairbrush, Kleenex, hotel keys, money, or anything else she may need for all of these activities. It’s the fantasy magic of film, apparently! read article

In the COVID Era, Stories of Hope are Acts of Resistance

Press agentry or public concern? We’re going with the latter and bringing you this message from actors Emma Thompson and Gael Garcia Bernal, as well as the animated short we believe is well worth watching.

By Emma Thompson and Gael García Bernal
via Indiewire

Don’t get us wrong: we believe in the cautionary power of dystopian stories. As actors, we have both brought to life worlds ravaged by uncontrollable disease, lethal weather, and mad kings. This form of art has a long and rich tradition: it acts as a warning of what is to come if society does not change course. But in times like ours, we’ve been feeling the urge to experiment in something a little more challenging: utopian art. After all, you don’t need much imagination for dystopia these days. read article

25 Things Mark Evanier has Learned About the Comic Book Industry

Mark Evanier, one of the biggest writing talents in TV, comic books, and blogging is writing a series of articles on the comic book industry, which – no surprise here – it turns out is very much like the TV biz as well.

Here’s Mark’s latest installment on the subject. (I couldn’t find all of the previous parts, but here’s one.)

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