Stephanie Bourbon Reminds Us – Story First!

One of our fave TV writers-illustrators-screenwriters-vloggers, Stephanie Bourbon, explains why great storytelling should be your focus from the time you sit down to write to…you know, that time when somebody yanks you out of your chair and forces you to stop.

by Stephanie Bourbon

Have you ever picked up a book that has been on the bestseller list for months and months and the author is all over the publishing news because all the movie deals coming in and how rich they are—and then the writing is bad, like really bad, and you think—WTF??? read article

Promoting Your Kickstarter

By Bob Tinsley

My Kickstarter funded! I’m a happy camper. Here are some of the things I learned.

Yes, you must promote your Kickstarter, otherwise it will sit there with your mom’s $5 languishing alone until your campaign goes down to ignominious failure. Yeah, I know I just kicked your dog and rubbed your cat’s fur the wrong way, but the truth’s the truth. read article

How to trick people into thinking you’re good looking

Regular TVWriter™ visitors may recall a certain editor who variously called himself Muncher or muncher or Munchman or munchman or even Tim Muncher in his earliest days here.

Tim is still a great TVWriter™ friend and total bud to our Beloved Leader LB. He’s just too busy being amazingly cool, rich, talented, and successful to mess around with this site anymore.

Recently, this TVWriter™ minion (who, for whatever it may be worth to y’all, is female) got to talking with the munchy one and asked a question that I may regret to the end of my days. The convo went like this: read article

Is It Time to Rekindle Your Passion for Writing?

Last week LB  tweeted his “secret” for regaining the thrill of writing (assuming, of course, that you’ve lost it. As is his wont, it was simple and direct:

No longer feeling the thrill of writing? Try using a yellow pad. Writing by hand changes the way your brain experiences the process. Enjoy the words flowing from your fingertips.

Sometimes, however, writers need something more, well, more philosophical. So we searched the web and found this most helpful piece on one of our fave sites, Bang2Write.Com. Hope it helps! read article

Kelly Jo Brick: On Building a Creative Career

It’s been over a year since Kelly Jo Brick graced this site. We would have said “well over a year,” but there’s nothing “well” or even okay about it.

Anyway, direct from her FinalDraft.Com column, some helpful advice about the “bricks of breaking in.” Rock on, KJB!

Andrea Ciannavei of Mayans M.C.

Bricks of Breaking In: TV Writer Andrea Ciannavei on Building a Creative Career
by Kelly Jo Brick

While there is no one path to break in as a film or TV writer, there are a lot of similar challenges — both internal and external — that aspiring writers have to confront. Below, Mayans M.C. writer Andrea Ciannavei shares how she faced the odds to grow her career as a television writer. read article