LB: A Personal Development or 2 in Cord Cutting

by Larry Brody

Yesterday we linked to a video from one of our regular contributors, Cord Cutters News, which covered the latest developments in – aw, you guessed it – cord cutting.

Today the Brody family has its own developments to announce. Without further ado: read article

LB: ‘Big Fish,’ Steven Seagal, and Emotional Truth

by Larry Brody

Everything I say is emotionally true.

The other night at a meeting in the TVWriter™ Online (that means Zoom) Writers Room, I was reminded that yes, the statement above is one yours truly often has made, but its first public appearance probably was in a press release from a representative of a guy named Steven Seagal. read article

Last Week’s Most Important Cord Cutting Developments

Big news last week was that Disney is considering divesting itself of ESPN. If that makes you ask yourself, “So…?” don’t worry. It’s cool. A lot of us are kind of shrugging about this particular move.

Cord Cutters News gives us the latest on the cord cutting front, including Roku Warns It Could Drop YouTube, ESPN Spin Off Rumors, and More!

Cord Cutters Video Channel:

Cord Cutters Web Site: read article

LB: About that Memoir by Ron Howard and Clint Howard

The Howard Boys

by Larry Brody

So it turns out that $14.99 is not such an unusual price for a Kindle book.

I know because Gwen the Beautiful – among many others – has told me so, with Gwen adding that fifteen bucks is par for the course in terms of the science books she devours via that very source. read article

LB: Last Week’s Big Streaming Winner was ‘Squid Game’

But you already suspected as much, yeah?

Here’s the salient paragraph in IndieWire’s report on last week’s ratings: read article