LB: Do New Writers Really Have to be ‘Better’ Than Old Pros?

Another Writing Tip
by Larry Brody

…No. New writers don’t “have to be” better.

But they do have to work harder. read article

LB: An Agent’s Job is to Sell Your Work

by Larry Brody

Heard last night in the TVWriter™ Online Writers Room:

An agent’s job is to sell your work, not edit or even critique it. read article

LB: Does Anyone Remember Laughter?

by Larry Brody

Heard in the TVWriter™ Online Writers Room (AKA the dedicated Zoom URL I use for my Master Classes):

I’m trying to watch as many of the new streaming sitcoms as I can, but there’s a problem. No matter how intelligent and clever they may be, instead of making me laugh, many of the shows upset me. read article

LB & munchman Watch ‘McCartney 3 2 1’

So yer friendly neighborhood munchausen and Beloved Leader Larry Brody watched all 6 episodes of McCartney 3 2 1 along with Gwen the Beautiful last night, and for once both The Brode and muncher agreed on something.

Here’s munchaderio’s reaction: read article

LB: Classic TV Fans, Walmart’s Got You Covered

 by Larry Brody

Was this ever real? IS it real right now?

I’ll tell you this. If I could find these I’d buy ’em in the proverbial flash. read article