Learn to be a farmer at Whidbey Island’s Organic Farm School

LB’S NOTE: Another reason yours truly loves living in Port Townsend and environs. Both this article and I are set more in the environs than in PT, but it’s the Port Townsend lifestyle that makes it all happen. Who’d a’guessed?

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2020 Plays Like a TV Show. So the Washington Post asked H’wood Writers How It Should End

Once upon a time a newspaper like the Washington Post would’ve asked big name science fiction novelists how they would conclude the story of this, our least favorite year. read article

Can You Judge Art Objectively?

This video gives a definitive answer to the age old question, “Can you judge art objectively?” read article

You Can Never Get Too Much of ‘The Mary Tyler Moore Show’

Yeppers, kids, the world is still celebrating the 50th anniversary of The Mary Tyler Moore Show AKA “The Best Sitcom Ever Written.” read article

And Now, a Few Words About Herbie J Pilato

Our all time fave Contributing Editor Emeritus is on Authorpedia.Org. He really is!

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