“Cocky” Trademark Rescinded!

Remember a couple of weeks ago when we wrote about the author who trademarked the word “cocky” and demanded that all books that included it in the title be removed from the country’s bookshelves.  Here’s the latest on the situation and the furor it caused:

In other words, “Denied, denied, denied!”

Judge Denies Author Attempt to Trademark ‘Cocky’
by Jim Milliot

In a decision handed down late last week, Judge Alvin Hellerstein of the Southern District of New York denied a motion by an author requesting that a preliminary injunction be issued to prevent publication a number of books that include the word “cocky” in the title.

This spring, author Faleena Hopkins obtained a trademark registration of the word “cocky” in connection with her series of self-published romance novels, each featuring one of her Cocker Brothers characters. Before filing suit, Hopkins sought to block the sale of other romance books that included “cocky” in their title, and sent letters to authors telling them to change the title of their books. Hopkins also asked Amazon to pull other books featuring “cocky” in their titles from sale.

Although Hopkins had obtained her trademark, the law only allows trademarks in limited cases. The law prevents individual titles from being trademarked, only series titles, and allows that common words cannot be trademarked at all, unless they develop an association in the minds of the public with a particular source.

Following Hopkins’ letter-writing campaign and contact with Amazon, the Authors Guild and the Romance Writers Association separately requested that Amazon place the removed books back on sale….

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LB’s NOTE: Modern culture is saved! I feel so much more secure now. Whew.

Just Because You Can’t Be a Superhero Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Own One

by munchman

Ooh, ya gotta screw this motherfucker into the wall. Make sure you hang it straight!

Life got it out for ya? First yer keys go missing, then your phone, then your glasses, maybe a condom?

A little item called Heroshelf has ya covered, kiddies. You hang it, and, voila, it holds all those necessary little bits that always seem to have vanished onto another plane of existence when ya want ’em.

This superhero keyholder and organizer costs fiftyish bucks. You can find out all about it and even buy it (gasp? for reals?) at Animi Causa. Just CLICK RIGHT HERE

Tell ’em yer favorite neighborhood munchaderio sentcha!



Making the Big Showbiz Move from Philly to L.A. – Part 2

From the Dawn McElligott Collection of Fine License Plates

Back in March, frequent TVWriter™ writer and student in LB’s Master Class Dawn McElligott honored us with a report on her move to the West Coast from, erm, the East.

That post was written, and written well, but in true “always have to test myself mode,” Dawn has followed that up with a video report. Looks like vlogging is here to stay, yeah?

Here’s the latest from Dawn:

Everything you see and hear above was written and shot and edited and narrated by Dawn McElligott her very self.

Thanks, Dawn! Looking forward to more, more, more!

David Perlis sees ‘Solo’

NOTE FROM LB: Here at TVWriter™ we think David Perlis should post more. A lot more. For now, though, this short and snappy insight into writing in specific and the film biz in general will have to do. Sigh:

by David Perlis

I haven’t posted in a while, so until I can sink into a good update, I offer you this brief thought:

The stories we choose not to tell say as much as the stories that we do.

Sorry, Solo. You are the tale we never needed.

David Perlis is a screenwriter and former People’s Pilot Finalist This post first appeared on his very entertaining blog.

Writers Guild of America West June 2018 Calendar

Knowing what’s going on in the Writers Guild can be helpful in many, many ways, even if you aren’t a member. So, for your edification:

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