LB: ‘Bags Groove’ and Other Memories

by Larry Brody

Last Thursday was my birthday. I’m not going to go into how old I am. Let’s put it this way – I’m older than I ever thought humanly possible.

I’m so old that time now passes twice as fast for me as it did back when I, erm, wasn’t so old. What I remember as happening last week in fact happened two years ago. What I remember happening five years ago actually occurred ten years in the past.

Actually, my time lapse sense is more subjective than that, which I didn’t realize until sitting down and writing the paragraphs above, and looking at a picture my wife, Gwen the Beautiful, just put up on Facebook.

Turns out that what I remember looking like – hell, make that the person I remember being this morning, as I woke up – in fact existed not two days or two years or even two decades ago but forty holy-crap-racing-like-the-wind! years ago.

Here I am, at the moment when, as head writer-producer (they didn’t call us showrunners then) of the critics’ darlin’ series Police Story, I reached the peak of my climb up life’s all-too-slippery slope.

Since then it’s been a slow but fascinatingly head-over-heels descent down the other side of said slope, and while I’m cool with everything that’s happened along the way, you’d better believe me when I say you’ll never see me shirtless in a photograph taken now!

Those of you who may be curious, however, are more than welcome to listen to the music I loved more than any other kind back in the day, music I listened to last Thursday while realizing it still stood at the top of my list, above even my all-time second fave, The Who’s Quadrophenia.

Here’s Bags Groove, a jazz album featuring Miles Davis, Milt Jackson, Thelonious Monk and a ton more great musicians. It seemed older than God – and maybe even older than I am now – when I first heard it in what then was called “Junior High,” but right now it reverbs through my head as brand new.

16 Boring Verbs & Words Writers Should Use Instead

Grammarcheck.Net has another invaluable infographic for writers everywhere. Because the absolutely last thing any of us should ever allow ourselves to be is…boring.

Pretty damn interesting, yeah?


‘1917’ Comes to Theaters Christmas Day

by Larry Brody

I’ll make this short and sweet. Sam Mendes’ 1917, a film I care about very much – and am vicariously proud of as well – will be in the infamous “select theaters” December 25th…and in wide release in January of 2020.

TVWriter™ said a little about 1917 and why I’m so into it earlier this week – HERE

Now I’m going all out by showing the trailer, here:



3rd & Fairfax: The WGAW Podcast

by TVWriter™ Press Service

We’ve talked about this before, but here’s a reminder for all of our visitors who are into podcasting and podcasts in general, and podcast fiction specifically: The Writers Guild of America West has you covered, baby, with a site that we think will blow you away.

Here’s what you could have learned, and who you could have learned it from, in the month of November:

3rd & Fairfax, the official podcast of the Writers Guild of America West, features information and updates about the Guild and interviews with top writers.

WGA Pocast LogoWant to listen to an episode on the go? Or start again where you left off? Subscribe to the podcast using the links below. Got a comment or question? Send an email to the podcast.

3rd & Fairfax: The WGAW Podcast is hosted and executive produced by Steve Trautmann, Aaron Fullerton, and Brian Gary.SUBSCRIBE






NOVEMBER 26, 2019

Episode 166 – Ed Norton
Luciano interviews writer, director, and actor Ed Norton about his new feature film Motherless Brooklyn.

Download this episode

NOVEMBER 25, 2019

Episode 165 – Tim Federle
Author and screenwriter Tim Federle (Killing Ferdinand) about his career and new Disney+ series, High School Musical: The Musical – The Series.

Download this episode

NOVEMBER 22, 2019

Episode 164 – Alena Smith
Host Moon Unit Zappa speaks with writer Alena Smith (The Affair), creator-showrunner of Apple TV+’s new series Dickinson, a fresh take on the life and work of poet Emily Dickinson.

Download this episode

NOVEMBER 14, 2019

Episode 163 – Micah Fitzerman-Blue & Noah Harpster
Host Christopher Kubasik speaks with writing partners Micah Fitzerman-Blue & Noah Harpster (Transparent) about their pair of feature films out this season, A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood and Maleficent: Mistress of Evil.

Download this episode

NOVEMBER 7, 2019

Episode 162 – Roberts Eggers & Max Eggers
Brian interviews writer/director Robert Eggers (The Witch) and brother Max Eggers about co-writing the feature film, The Lighthouse.

Download this episode

See much more at 3rd and Fairfax

WGAW December 2019 Calendar

Here’s what going on, socially and professionally,  at the Writers Guild of America West this month:

December 2019

Events listed are current at time of publication. Dates and details are subject to change during the month.

Committee activities and events are open to WGAW Current, Post Current, Associate, and Associate Caucus members in Active status. If you have questions about your member status, please contact the Membership Department or call (323) 782-4532

To see the live calendar, click here. (Member Login required for that, sorry.)


Have a Very “Gary” Christmas: Writing TV and Feature Holiday Films
7:30-9:30 p.m. – WGAW 2nd Floor, Multi-purpose Room.
Category: Inclusion and Equity
Info/RSVP: (323) 782-4589 or Yuletide. Every holiday season the airwaves and Internet overflow with heart-warming yuletide romances, fantasies and comedies. And who better than prolific secret elf, screenwriter Gary Goldstein (Mr. 365) to unpack Santa’s sleigh of techniques, themes, and tropes for these popular family-friendly stories? And before you say, “Bah, humbug,” consider that this is one of the fastest ways for new writers to score important TV and feature credits. Plus if you aren’t too naughty, there’ll be cider and cookies for all at the post-panel reception. (But be sure and leave some for Santa.) Panelists include: Michael Healy (Executive, Lifetime), Matt Lieberman (The Christmas Chronicles), Megan Metzger (The Princess Switch), Nina Weinman Swift (Homegrown Christmas), and others TBA. WGAW members with one guest.


Genre Committee Meeting
7:30-9:30 p.m. – WGAW Second Floor, Room 2A.
Category: Inclusion and Equity Committee Meetings
Info: (323) 782-4589. The Genre Committee was formed with the sole purpose of attracting writers interested in a certain genre, to meet, discuss and exchange information in a peer-to-peer setting. Our mission is to push education, diversity and camaraderie amongst all writers no matter their background. The Committee welcomes all writers because writers work in all genres.


WGF: War of the Words: Holiday Edition Trivia Night
7-9 p.m. – WGAW 2nd Floor, Multi-purpose Room.
Category: Writers Guild Foundation
Info/Tickets: WGFoundation. War of the Words is WGF’s audiovisual film and television Trivia Night that features eight rounds of challenging film and TV trivia and prizes for our top teams. We’ll provide the drinks, you bring your A-game. Register as a team of six or come and make new friends! With an individual ticket, we will randomly assign you to a team.


WGF: Seasons Givings Holiday Party
4:30-6:30 p.m. – NeueHouse Hollywood.
Category: Writers Guild Foundation
Info/Tickets: WGFoundation. Join WGF for holiday cocktails and conversation with a purpose. We’re raising money and introducing two new initiatives: one that will offer college stipends to the children of WGAW members, and the other to pay off one lucky new WGAW member’s student debt through a lottery drawn that evening. Enter lottery and buy tickets to the party at the link.


Committee of Women Writers Meeting
7-9:30 p.m. – WGAW 2nd Floor, Multi-purpose Room.
Category: Inclusion and Equity Committee Meetings
Info: (323) 782-4589. 7 p.m. “Happy Half Hour” (networking, snacks, and beverages); 7:30 p.m. meeting. This committee represents the interests of female WGAW writers who are seeking WGA-covered work. We sponsor events designed to increase our knowledge of the craft and the marketplace, discuss the role of women as storytellers and foster networking and collaboration between women in all Guilds, as well as increase opportunities for education, employment opportunities and creative expression. Our goal is to empower all writers and improve the profile and perception of Women writers in the industry.


WGF: Writers on Writing with Damon Lindelof
7:30-9 p.m. – WGAW 2nd Floor, Multi-purpose Room.
Category: Writers Guild Foundation
SOLD OUT. Info/Tickets: WGFoundation. On this special evening, we sit down with renowned writer and executive producer Damon Lindelof to find out his process for adapting the latest HBO hit, Watchmen, how he approaches world building in his series, which have included The Leftovers and Lost, and how he tackles writing for features vs. television. Moderated by Marc Bernardin (Castle Rock).


Committee of Black Writers Meeting
7-9 p.m. – WGAW 1st Floor, Room 1A.
Category: Inclusion and Equity Committee Meetings
Info: (323) 782-4589. The Committee of Black Writers is dedicated to empowering and increasing industry visibility of African-American writers and generating more career and networking opportunities.


Seasoned Readings: Jesusland by David Folwell
7:30-9 p.m. – WGAW 2nd Floor, Multi-purpose Room.
Category: Inclusion and Equity
Info/RSVP: (323) 782-4589 or Jesusland. The Career Longevity Committee invites you to a reading of the teleplay Jesusland by David Folwell. Jesusland follows David Kirkwood, pastor of one of the largest mega churches in the country, whose life and faith are rocked after a violent attack. David must find a new truth, one that will more than likely be at odds with his former faith, as he continues to lead a huge congregation who still believe in him. Directed by Melanie Armer. Cast: Patrick Fabian (Better Call Saul), Jessalyn Gilsig (Vikings), and O-Lan Jones (Edward Scissorhands). The WGAW Career Longevity Committee’s Seasoned Readings series promotes and celebrates the work of writers age 50 and over. A light reception will follow the reading. WGAW members plus one guest.


WGF: The Scriptnotes Holiday Live Show
8-9:30 p.m. – Los Angeles Film School Main Theater.
Category: Writers Guild Foundation
Info/Tickets: WGFoundation. Join screenwriters and Friends of the Foundation John August and Craig Mazin for a special live holiday edition of their weekly podcast, Scriptnotes. Special guests include: Kevin Feige (Chief Creative Officer, Marvel Entertainment), Lorene Scafaria (Hustlers), and Shoshannah Stern & Josh Feldman (This Close).


1917: Guild Screenings Q&A with Sam Mendes & Krysty Wilson-Cairns
After 7:30 p.m. screening – Writers Guild Theater, 135 S. Doheny Dr., Beverly Hills.
Category: Guild Screenings
Q&A with 1917 writers Sam Mendes & Krysty Wilson-Cairns begins immediately after the screening (TRT: 110 minutes). WGAW members only with two guests. Guild membership card required for entry.


Asian American Writers Committee Meeting
7-9:30 p.m. – WGAW 4th Floor, Boardroom.
Category: Inclusion and Equity Committee Meetings
Info: (323) 782-4589. 7 p.m. “Happy Half Hour” (networking, snacks, and beverages); 7:30 p.m. meeting. The Asian American Writers Committee represents the professional and creative interests of Asian American Guild members. Its mandate is to be dedicated to the encouragement, empowerment and employment of writers of Asian heritage. Join us for an informative and fun evening in a relaxed environment. Snacks will be provided. All members welcome.


Uncut Gems: Guild Screenings Q&A with Ronald Bronstein & Josh Safdie & Benny Safdie
After 7:30 p.m. screening – Writers Guild Theater, 135 S. Doheny Dr., Beverly Hills.
Category: Guild Screenings
Q&A with Uncut Gems writers Ronald Bronstein & Josh Safdie & Benny Safdie begins immediately after the screening (TRT: 135 minutes). WGAW members only with two guests. Guild membership card required for entry.