Yo, Screenwriters! Ready to “Write Your Bills Away?”

SoCreate, a new screenwriting site based in San Luis Obispo, CA, with a website addy that kind of implies it’s in Italy, is “working on a new way for people of all ages to transform their amazing stories into scripts.”

We aren’t clear on what this new way is because the site itself doesn’t say much more than that…oh, and also “We’re Hiring!” which is something we always like to read or hear, but theannouncement below definitely has gotten our attention.

What do screenwriters really need to succeed? Talent, of course. Perseverance, yes. Connections, you betcha. But there’s that other big thing – you know, the luxury of time to write? We know so many of you are working more than one job to make ends meet, writing during odd hours, and struggling to balance it all. Wouldn’t it be great if you just had more time?

Well, we’re here for you screenwriters, and to prove it, we’re putting our money where our mouth is. SoCreate wants to pay the bills for one deserving screenwriter, so she or he can focus on writing FOR THREE MONTHS. YES! For 90 days, we’ll pay your rent, car payment, utilities, grocery bills and more (up to $3,000 per month) so that you can focus on screenwriting! Put one of your many jobs on hold for a bit. Or heck, quit that second job! For at least 3 months, you may not need it.

There’s more, of course, including some caveats, but all in all we find the energy and good intentions quite appealing. And the video below is kind of fun too.

As usual, we aren’t recommending this opportunity, just letting you know it’s out there. If you get in touch with SoCreate, please let us know how it goes.

The Ethics – or lack thereof – of IP ‘Piracy’

If something is ethical but illegal, does that mean we can break the law?

Piracy is Ethically Acceptable To Many Harvard Lawyers, Research Finds
by Ernesto

In most countries the law strictly forbids people from sharing copyrighted material without permission. However, not everyone necessarily agrees with this position. New research reveals that many lawyers studying at Harvard view casual forms of piracy as ethically acceptable. Does this mean that the law should change?

Most people know all too well that it’s against the law to share a pirated copy of a movie or TV-show.

However, law and ethics are not always in sync. Not even among those who are schooled as lawyers.

This is the conclusion of an intriguing new study conducted among Harvard lawyers by Prof. Dariusz Jemielniak and Dr. Jérôme Hergueux. The research, published in The Information Society journal, found that many lawyers believe that casual piracy is ethically acceptable.

The researchers polled the perceptions of more than 100 international Masters of Law (LL.M.) students at Harvard, who all have a law degree. They were asked to evaluate how acceptable various piracy scenarios are, on a five-point scale going from very unacceptable to very acceptable. 

The piracy scenarios ranged from downloading a TV-show or movie which isn’t legally available, through pirating music to simply save money, to downloading content for educational or even commercial purposes. In total, 19 different alternatives were presented.

While the researchers expected that lawyers would have conservative ethical positions when it comes to piracy, the opposite was true. The average of all answers was 3.23, which means that it leans toward the “acceptable” point of the scale.

“We find that digital file sharing ranks relatively high in terms of ethical acceptability among our population of lawyers—with the only notable exception being infringing copyright with a commercial purpose,” the researchers conclude….

Read it all at torrentfreak.com

Two Pix of Writers Working That We Love

At heart, this TVWriter™ minion believes that both images below are, when you get down to it, nothing other than US:

Ain’t being a writer fun?

How games conquered the movies

For those who keep staring at the film listings for their local theaters and wondering, “Why?” TechCrunch has the scoop:

Keanu Reeves stars as ‘John Wick’ in JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 3 – PARABELLUM.

by Jon Evans

We used to think that as video games matured, as a medium, they would become more like Hollywood, becoming more focused on character development, plot reversals, and tight, suspense-driven narratives, rather than action set pieces alternating with cinematic cut scenes. Hoo boy, were we wrong. Instead the exact inverse has happened. Action movies have become more like video games. And you know what, this is no bad thing.

Have You Written a Script for a Game? Did You Know It’s Eligible for the PEOPLE’S PILOT 2019 Competition? Check it out here

I thought of this while watching John Wick 3 last night. (Which I loved, as I did 1 and 2.) It’s not just that its ballet of bullets — especially the one with the dogs — are so like video games, in both structure and form, that they seem to have been practically been torn from a controller; you can practically see health bars and Stun markets hovering over the heads of the characters.

It’s also that the series’s primary costars, after Keanu — with apologies to Halle Berry and Ian McShane — is not any other individual character, but the world of John Wick, the Continental, and the High Table. Worldbuilding has long been a first-class citizen in video and tabletop role-playing games; now it has graduated to movies as well.

Speaking of role-playing games, ensemble-cast movies are more and more like them as well. Consider the Fast and Furious movies, or Game of Thrones. Each has a core group who are clearly the “player characters,” as well as disposable villains and extras who are “NPCs.” Each starts with the characters at a relatively low level of skill/power, and over the course of the series grow to worldshaking might….

Read it all at techcrunch.com

Read it all at techcrunch.com

WGAW June 2019 Calendar

Here’s what going on, socially and professionally,  at the Writers Guild of America West this month:

June 2019

Events listed are current at time of publication. Dates and details are subject to change during the month. To see the live calendar, click here. (Member Login required for that, sorry.)