WGAW April 2021 Calendar

Here’s what going on, socially and professionally,  at the Writers Guild of America West this month:

April 2021


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Does 1 page of a film script really equal 1 minute of playing time?

We love Stephen Follows because his blog answers the hard questions. Case in point:

by Stephen Follows

A few [months] ago, John August dropped me an email which included a simple question: “How accurate is the page-per-minute rule of thumb?” read article

The delicate relationship between grief and fanfiction

…Explained for us all by a psychologist, via Aja Romano on Vox.Com. This is the most fascinating read we’ve, erm, read, in a verry long time.

Several years ago, while I was dealing with the death of a close family member, a strange thing happened: I suddenly found myself unable to stop watching Supernatural. I’d never been a huge fan of the show, but I’d recently decided to catch up on its many seasons. So I began marathoning episodes — though it was more like I inhaled them at a level approaching nihilism. read article

Whatever Happened to Al Pacino?

We love this analysis of Al Pacino’s career and give our sincerest thanks to writer-researcher Stephen Follows for sharing not only his insight but his fascinating methodology. (Which is so unlike Mr. Pacino’s, erm, method of managing his acting career.)

Which famous actors have a worse career than Al Pacino?
by Stephen Follows

In an interview last week, Al Pacino revealed that he enjoys starring in bad movies as he views it as a challenge to improve them to the point of mediocrity. read article

Los Angeles Carries Out Controlled Burn Of Old-Growth Celebrities To Make Way For New Stars

The following is from The Onion, which of course means it’s totally fake, bogus, and, you know, in wonderfully bad taste.

It’s also pretty damn close to being a very troubling “truth.”

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