LB: Time for a few words about ’70s teen idol Bobby Sherman

by Larry Brody

I’m pretty stoked about this profile of Bobby Sherman for two reasons.

  1. Bobby was the big breakout star from the TV series Here Come the Brides, which was the show that gave me my first TV writing assignment. Which means that of course it was a great series. I mean, look how good their writing judgment was!
  2. The article actually quotes me. Proving this site also has excellent judgment regarding writers.

Here’s my bit: read article

You’re Never Too Old or Too Late to Follow Your Dreams with Author PJ McIlvaine

Truer words were never spoken than those above, and we’re delighted to see that the speaker, PJ McIlvaine is one of our favorite people and a top writer as well. Hi, PJ!

PJ McIlvaine

by Johnell Dewitt

PJ McIlvaine has been published in The New York Times and Newsday. PJ is also a regular contributor for the Children’s Book Insider newsletter, and a co-host of #PBPitch, a Twitter pitch party for picture book creators.

PJ has written across ages and genres, including a screenplay for Showtime which became the movie My Horrible Year. Her picture book, Dragon Roar, releases on Oct. 19, 2021 through MacLaren-Cochrane Publishing, Inc, which specializes in books for readers with dyslexia. read article

Herbie J Pilato brings us Rare Footage of Original “Star Trek: Phase II” Pilot from 1977 —

(EDITOR’S NOTE: …Plus Brief General “Trek” TV and Film History because Herbie J is nothing if not the complete completist.)

by Herbie J Pilato

In 1965, NBC commissions the first Star Trek TV pilot episode, titled, “The Cage,” starring Jeffrey Hunter, who played Jesus in King of Kings, as Captain Pike, and Leonard Nimoy as Mr. Spock. But it’s deemed too cerebral and doesn’t sell.

A second pilot is ordered, called, “Where No Man Has Gone Before,” starring William Shatner as Captain Kirk and Nimoy back as Spock. This new pilot is more action-oriented and sells. read article

munchman: $1.3B ‘Hollywoodland’ theme park coming to Middletown, Ohio?

Why are we showing this sign? Because some folks in Middletown, Ohio need to stop smoking so much. When you read below you’ll see what we mean.

by munchman

Well, sure, why not build what Fox19 news calls a “$1.3 billion riverfront destination entertainment district and theme park called ‘Hollywoodland’” and then wait for the billions of $$$ the tourists are going to bring into a town in Bumfuck? Makes perfect sense to yer friendly neighborhood muncher. Oy yez!

munchy snark score


Because mocking anything being brought to our attention via any Fox TV station is like shooting fish in a barrel. No challenge here, peeps, move on, move on. read article

Herbie J Pilato on The New Academy Museum of Motion Pictures

The New Academy Museum Brings Movies to Life with Visitors Front and Center
by Herbie J Pilato


That’s the first word that came to mind as I walked through the seemingly endless cinescopic-like halls of the brand-new beautiful Academy Museum of Motion Pictures located at 6067 Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles.

Enveloped by and amidst the all-surrounding wonder and visual and sound-effects of big-screen classics like The Wizard of Oz, and tributes to Bruce Lee, Spike Lee, and other legendary filmmakers and their work, a stroll up and down this very memorable movie lane of many layers is one like no other. read article