Overcoming ShowbizObstacles

A couple of weeks ago, stage32.com, one of the finest websites about getting started in the entertainment industry you’ll ever see, posted some of the most important videos you’ll ever see on YouTube if you’re an ambitious showbiz aspirant. Don’t just go, “Oh, wow!,” click and watch, friends. For your own good and that of the audience you’re trying to get as well.

The whole kit & kaboodle, complete with editorial commentary, is (are?) HERE

Have You Read the ‘WandaVision” Pilot Script?

We here at TVWriter™ and the folks at Deadline.Com think you should. Apparently, Marvel Studios agrees. So far they haven’t taken this down.

Click on the image below and enjoy while you learn:

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Nathan Bransford: What is an author platform?

When Nathan Bransford offers advice in the field of book writing and publishing, we listen. In case you’re wondering why, here he is with advice on a subject this TVWriter™ minion didn’t even know existed. Here’s to your happy authority and eyeballs!

What did that last sentence just say? Read on and you’ll see.

Yes, this is a visual pun, not at all the kind of platform being talked about here. Our apologies.

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Stacey Jones: LOKI S01 E06 Review

NOTHING BUT SPOILERS (Because That’s How You Learn) #12
(Oh, and Just So You Know, This Sucker is the Longest Article TVWriter™ has Ever Published)
by Stacey Jones

EDITOR’S ALERT: This is the latest installment of Stacey Jones’ discussion of Loki and its place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Or is it the Marvel Televerse? The real universe, maybe? My mind, it be a’wondering.

Anyway, like it says in the title of this post, a world of SPOILERS awaits below the thin red line. Oh, and also an assumption that you’re familiar with the MCU! read article

Nathan Bransford: Don’t step on your surprises

When Nathan Bransford offers advice, we listen. In case you’re wondering why, here he is with the kind of writing wisdom you don’t find just anywhere.

by Nathan Bransford

Crafting good mysteries is an important part of the novel writing process, no matter the genre. Mysteries pull the reader through the novel, they build anticipation and suspense, and they often result in the most satisfying payoffs for the reader. read article