Our buds at ScriptReadPro.Com have done it again. Or, as one of the original commenters on the article below said, “Who really needs film school when you have an amazing library of scripts [like this]?”

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Looking for the best screenplays to read? You’re in the right place. We’ve been strong advocates for the benefits of reading screenplays for a long time as it’s one of the simplest ways to learn how to write. read article

Nathan Bransford: The “voice of god” from movie trailers is killing your query letter

Nathan Bransford has had a come-to-Jesus-moment about a devilishly injurious mistake some – maybe even many – of us look to be making. Dut don’t worry, peeps, he know how to fix it. Take it away, Mr. B!

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3 Types of Satire Every Storyteller Should Know

PeterSellers doing what he did best – no, not chewing the scenery (although he’s doing that too)

Did you know that there are at least three different types of satire? Did you know that satire doesn’t have to be funny. (Just being snarky will do.) Thank God Studio Binder is here to explain!

Nathan Bransford: What to cut when your book is too long

Nathan Bransford offers advice on how to handle a situation every writer (in just about every medium) is familiar with: How to choose what to cut out when you’ve gone over your )or your editor’s, or producer’s, whatever) page count. This one’s definitely a must-read.

by Nathan Bransford

Kill your darlings” is one of the most repeated bits of writing advice out there, but how do you know which darlings to murder? You need to decide what to cut from a novel, but it can be tricky. read article

Via Nathan Bransford: How to rediscover your passion for writing

When Nathan Bransford offers writing or publishing advice, we listen…and advise  y’all (especially prose writers) to do the same. Here’s the latest reason why, via Nathan’s guest Lindsay Syhakom.

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