Watch Aaron Sorkin Arguing and Answering Questions

Aaron Sorkin thrills and disappoints us. OMG! This must mean he’s human!

The Thrilling Part

the disappointing part

Actually, we were pretty disappointed by the Wired Mag video too. All that pre-roll advertising! Sheesh!

Writing for Television Animation

LB’S NOTE: It’s always a pleasure to see people I know and/or have worked with hanging together, even if they’re doing it without me. Hi Doug! Hi Steve!

Watch this video carefully, kids. There’s a lot here for you to learn. read article

Thoughts About Women, Purses, and Their Place on TV, Film & – OMG! – Real Life

by Elizabeth English

Do you ever wonder how it is possible that women in movies & TV almost never carry purses? Somehow, they go out for the day without a purse, drive a car, talk on their cell phones, use their credit card, and All without a purse to hold them, or pockets.

Even in cop shows, guns, handcuffs, car keys, flashlight, cell phones, etc. arrive in their hands without any place to hold them prior to their use!

Example: Julia Roberts’ character in the Pretty Woman film, dressed in a skin-tight mini dress, spends the day going around Beverly Hills ?in taxis, shopping at all the exclusive boutiques and ?stores, having lunch in a restaurant, & etc., then returns to her hotel room, without a purse to hold her credit card, lipstick, hairbrush, Kleenex, hotel keys, money, or anything else she may need for all of these activities. It’s the fantasy magic of film, apparently! read article

Writing for the Screen: How to Write a Movie Screenplay/Teleplay

The good people at Maryville University sent us this article with a request that we pass it on to our visitors.

Maryville is an online university, which immediately piques our interest but also pings our “Should I Be Suspicious Button.” Reading the following, however, alleviated our concerns. This is an excellent intro to TV and screenwriting.

Ambitious novices, take note! read article

The Surprise Success of ‘Limitless’ on TV and Film and More?

Hits are in the eyes, ears, and assorted other senses of the beholders we love so much – the AUDIENCE.

So it goes.

This video brought to us by Just Write YouTube Channel…and they promise a follow-up is on the way.