Steven Spielberg Gives Us Some Advice

And now a few words from Steven Spielberg on filmmaking, success, directing, success, writing, success, living an authentic life, and, hmm, what’ve we left out? Oh, right – success.


Dealing With Criticism

About a month ago, we posted a very informative video by Tom Southern on what to do if you think your writing’s no good.

This time around we’re bringing you Tom’s approach to what probably is an even bigger problem for writers, especially new ones. How big a problem? Well, for many of us, harsh criticism is every bit as disastrous as the Trump presidency or a bullet in the heart. And we aren’t necessarily talking metaphorically here.


Listen closely, kids. The career you save may well be your own.

What If Your Writing Is No Good?

Look what we discovered!

A passel of videos by writer Tom Southern about writing.

Well, five of ’em anyway. Of which the video above is the first one we’re posting here on good ole TVWriter™. More to come.

And speaking of more. Don’t stop now, Tom. More, more, more!