Have You Read the ‘WandaVision” Pilot Script?

We here at TVWriter™ and the folks at Deadline.Com think you should. Apparently, Marvel Studios agrees. So far they haven’t taken this down.

Click on the image below and enjoy while you learn:

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Everything We All Need to Know About Pitch Meetings

The amazing folks at Screen Rant are doing something wonderful for anyone – man, woman, child, noob, old pro – who wants to get their idea for a TV show or film on the air before the public. They have an entire series of videos on pitch meetings and how they led to some of the best – or not so best – films, TV series, any of us have ever seen.

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10 Screenwriting Tips from Jon Favreau

How ya gonna go wrong watching and listening to a dude who helped create the MCU version of Ironman, TV’s Mandalorian, and – oh yeah – the Marvel Cinematic Universe its very self?

This and more await at Outstanding Screenplays YouTube channel

6 Bizarrely Specific Scenes Hollywood Won’t Quit Using

Cracked began its life as a parody and satire competitor for Mad, but in the digital age it has found its true calling – as a socio-entertainment enterprise of the highest and most helpful order. Take this video, for instance, and the lesson it teaches new filmmakers about what not to do.

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Larry Brody: Anybody Remember ‘Tomb of Dracula?’

by Larry Brody

Back in pre-history, AKA in the third quarter of the 20th century, one of my favorite comics was Tomb of Dracula, created by my writer-producer bud Gerry Conway and Gene Colan, one of comics best artists, whom, unfortunately, I never got to know. (He died in 2011. Oh, and he also was part of the team that created the vampire-hunting character Blade)

As a writer who often has found himself at odds with collaborating directors and artists (and the occasional actor as well), I’m always fascinated by the way the more visual collaborators like Gene think. More so now, at a time when comic book heroes and the horror genre have become so big on TV.

In this interview, we get a glimpse of how amazingly cinematic Gene. Colan’s personal universe was: read article