LB: A Personal Development or 2 in Cord Cutting

by Larry Brody

Yesterday we linked to a video from one of our regular contributors, Cord Cutters News, which covered the latest developments in – aw, you guessed it – cord cutting.

Today the Brody family has its own developments to announce. Without further ado: read article

LB: Time for a few words about ’70s teen idol Bobby Sherman

I’m pretty stoked about this profile of Bobby Sherman for two reasons.

  1. Bobby was the big breakout star from the TV series Here Come the Brides, which was the show that gave me my first TV writing assignment. Which means that of course it was a great series. I mean, look how good their writing judgment was!
  2. The article actually quotes me. Proving this site also has excellent judgment regarding writers.

Here’s my bit: read article

10 Common Grammar Rules You’re Probably Messing Up All the Time

You read that right, fellow writers and readers and other human beings. You – make that we – have been breaking grammar rules right and left forever, and Lifehacker.Com isn’t letting us get away with it any longer.


read article

LB: ‘Big Fish,’ Steven Seagal, and Emotional Truth

by Larry Brody

Everything I say is emotionally true.

The other night at a meeting in the TVWriter™ Online (that means Zoom) Writers Room, I was reminded that yes, the statement above is one yours truly often has made, but its first public appearance probably was in a press release from a representative of a guy named Steven Seagal. read article

Larry Brody: Live! From the Rain Forest! #1a – “More About Our New Place”

by Larry Brody

NEW AND UNUSUAL NOTE FROM LB: Last week I debuted a new column and in the process made a few comparisons to our “old place” back in the Ozarks.

That would have been that, but:

One thing I neglected to say in last week’s post is that where we’re living not only looks much different from Cloud Creek Ranch, it also looks much different from the way the property did when we first moved in, as a result of adjacent land being bought, sold, built on, renewed, and all that sort of thing. read article