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You’ve probably never heard of it, but DIABOLIK was a smash hit (honest!) on the M6 Network in the world’s most civilized city, Paris, in 2000-2003.

DIABOLIK was based on an Italian comic which is very adult in nature, so making it work for kids’ TV – even European kids’ TV – was no piece of cake. For those of you who aren’t able to watch European TV, here’s a little teaser to start you thinking about the character: Diabolik is the thief who steals from–thieves. (Hey, the perfect guy to have on your side at pitch meetings!)

A live-action feature film version of the comic seems to always be in pre-production but has never gotten over the financial hurdles. But if you just can’t wait to see something really, really strange and, I think, wonderful, you might be able to dig up a tape of a film called DANGER: DIABOLIK that featured the character. It starred the ever-popular John Phillip Law, and as for quality, well, it was featured on the last episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 so you know what you’re getting.

And, of course, someone’s put the entire run of the animated series on YouTube. By all means indulge your binge watching yearning for DIABOLIK HERE.