The Future of Showbiz is, um, “Aural”

Yeah, that’s it, baby. Aural, as in “of the ear.” Whether you call them audio series or audio dramas or entertainment podcasts, scripted series of the type that once dominated the airwaves way back when your grandparents were kids are in the midst of a rebirth, and we’re glad to see it.

Podimo raises 6 Million euros to become Europe’s ‘Netflix for podcasts’
by Steve O’Hear

Podimo, a Copenhagen-based startup building what it hopes will become Europe’s “Netflix for podcasts,” has raised €6 million in seed funding prior to launch. The round is co-led by Germany’s and Denmark’s Heartcore, reflecting the young company’s two planned country launches later this year.

Founded by Morten Strunge, who has a track record in subscription media products via audio books service Mofibo (which he sold to Storytel), Podimo  is hoping to capitalise on the rise in consumption in podcasts. Ambitiously, this will include both a free and paid version of its product, with the aim of creating a reliable revenue stream for podcast producers. The startup’s other founders are Nikolaj Koppel, Andreas Sachse and Sverre Dueholm.

“Podcasts have finally come of age and we are seeing a lot of demand for audio content globally across many different demographics,” Strunge tells me. “Consumers are increasingly looking for premium, ad-free services and we see a huge potential in the podcasting space.”

The Podimo app has been designed to provide a “superior experience” in discovery and recommendation compared to existing podcast streaming and download services. The idea, says Strunge, is to make it as seamless and easy as possible to find your next podcast.

“We believe that with the fast increasing amount of podcasts available, curation and discovery becomes more and more important to both unfold content in a relevant context and to the right individual user, which will benefit both podcast creators and consumers,” he says.

By launching a freemium model, where a paid version provides unlimited listening and features, Strunge believes there is an opportunity to work closely with podcast creators to strengthen the podcast ecosystem and make it less reliant on advertising revenue. “We want to become the preferred partner for creators, by both working closely with their content, curate and match it with each individual user, but also by offering a superior monetisation model,” he explains….

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Have You Been Listening to the Narada Radio Company?

As regular TVWriter™ visitors surely must know by now, we’re huge fans of audio drama AKA audio series. (How come nobody ever refers to it as audio comedy? Huh?)

In fact, we’re so fanatical about it that we actually created a special PEOPLE’S PILOT 2019 entry fee of only $25 a pop, plus special prizes for top scoring entries for both audio series and web series. (Yes, this is a shameless plug. Not sorry about that at all.)

Meanwhile, back at the point of this post: We’ve been listening to mucho  audio series lately and are here today to suggest that y’all do too. We also suggest that a good place to begin your immersion in this media is via Narada Radio Company, where you’ll find a selection that…well, that set this TVWriter™ minion’s imagination on fire. And it just may do the same thing for you.

Narada Radio Company audio recordings are here

Narada Radio Company on Facebook

In the words of an unknown but nevertheless immortal TV commercial spokesperson way in our mid-20th Century past, “Try it. You’ll be glad you did….”

Kevin Bacon’s Revolutionary New Gig

When is a TV or web series not a TV or web series?

When it’s an audio series. Erm, a podcast, um…how ’bout we just say when it’s something new, unique, and wonderful like the new fictional comedy series podcast I’m Gonna Be Kevin Bacon, in which some old actor name of Kevin Bacon plays – no, not Kevin Bacon but another old actor called “Randy Beslow,” an angry and embittered actor who lost the starring role in Footloose to Bacon and is riding the trail of revenge.

Or, as Kevin Bacon himself put it last week:

Hmm, is that really the famous Kev? Or is the guy above Randy Beslow? Guess we’ll have to listen and see find out.

Created by Dan Abramson, a Funny or Die production, scheduled to appear on Spotify soon.

Audio Drama & William Gibson’s ‘Alien 3’

We here at TVWriter™ are major fans and, we hope, supporters of audio series, and so, it turns out, is some guy named William Givson. Who knew?

by Jo Light

Audible has…revealed that they are turning William Gibson‘s unproduced Alien 3 script into an original audio drama, which is exciting for Alien fans but also perhaps a signal that if you can’t get your narrative to the screen, maybe you can settle for audio drama first, and see where that takes you…

Are you likely to get the listens this Alien 3 script will? No. But that didn’t stop many a cinematic storyteller from gaining traction with original content in graphic novel or book series form before selling the big or small screen rights.

More platforms and more outlets being popularized by major names and franchises can mean more viable ways for you to get your story to audiences.

What else does this particular audio drama have going for it? Well, Michael Biehn will return to his role as Corporal Hicks, whom he played in 1986’s sequel, Aliens. The audio drama is set for a May 30th release….

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The way we see here at TVWriter™, anybody who tries is a winner, which means that having the courage to put yourself in a position where y’all can be cancelled makes you, yep, you guessed, WINNERS.


The Fire and Water Podcast Network opens up its Archives and lets you listen to the shows that didn’t make it. We have stringent standards, you know, and not everything makes it out of committee. Sometimes, we pitch something that gets voted down. Sometimes a pilot is green-lit but not picked up. We might even be a few episodes in before we give up on the idea. Take a peek behind the curtain of the Network and hopefully get some insight into what makes us tick!

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