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Audio Drama: ‘The White Vault’

Yeppers, kids, that’s right. We here at TVWriter™ still have a bug up our brainstems about audio drama. So hip, so trendy…and so cheap to produce so what’re you waiting for?

Big thanks to the obsessive Mr. Bob Tinsley for bringing the following article from the Fear Forever horror website to our attention so we can bring it to yours:

‘The White Vault’ Ashore
by Amy Seidman

The popular radio dramas of days past have seen a resurgence in popularity in modern day podcast form. One such podcast is the sci-fi horror-drama THE WHITE VAULT. FEAR FOREVER  spoke with this eerie and unsettling show’s creator Kaitlin Statz prior to their live show in New York City on March 13th (you can find ticket info here!) read article