A New Audio Drama From Bob Tinsley

The Real Wild Bill

by TVWriter™ Press Service

TVWriter friend and audio drama pundit, Bob Tinsley, has a new audio drama out called Wild Bill Hangs Up His Badge, Episode 35 of the Drift & Ramble Podcast.

Bob wrote, cast, directed, and produced the episode which explores the events leading up to Wild Bill Hickok’s decision to give up the life of a lawman.

For those who may not know much about him, James Butler Hickok, more popularly known as Wild Bill, farmed, drove freight wagons, fought for the North in the Civil War, scouted for George Armstrong Custer, gambled, prospected for gold, though Charlie Utter would have argued that point, and served as a lawman in various places in Kansas during his short life. read article

Larry Brody: Entering PEOPLE’S PILOT 2018? Here’s What You Need to Know

by Larry Brody

Friday, June 1st, was the opening day for entries in this year’s PEOPLE’S PILOT AKA PEOPLE’S PILOT 2018, which some of you may already know about as a result of our typically modest, almost reticent announcement in your email box and, of course, HERE.

This is the 27th running of the contest in 20 years. When we started it back in 2018, it was for broadcast and TV series that would only be on everyone’s television set (because there wasn’t anywhere else to watch TV) and all an entrant had to submit was series proposal of about 3 to 5 pages.

We also ran the contest a couple of times a year for the first few years, which is why this is the 27th time around the track and not the 20th. Fewer pages to read, fewer entries…those were simpler times so the frequency made sense. read article

PEOPLE’S PILOT 2018 is Now Open!

And, man, we really want you to enter.

We love making this announcement.

Early Bird Entries Close August 1

Final Closing Date November 1! read article

Audio Drama: ‘The White Vault’

Yeppers, kids, that’s right. We here at TVWriter™ still have a bug up our brainstems about audio drama. So hip, so trendy…and so cheap to produce so what’re you waiting for?

Big thanks to the obsessive Mr. Bob Tinsley for bringing the following article from the Fear Forever horror website to our attention so we can bring it to yours:

‘The White Vault’ Ashore
by Amy Seidman

The popular radio dramas of days past have seen a resurgence in popularity in modern day podcast form. One such podcast is the sci-fi horror-drama THE WHITE VAULT. FEAR FOREVER  spoke with this eerie and unsettling show’s creator Kaitlin Statz prior to their live show in New York City on March 13th (you can find ticket info here!) read article