Stephanie Bourbon: Rom-Com Characterization

LB’S NOTE: One of our fave TV writers-illustrators-screenwriters-vloggers, Stephanie Bourbon, talks about the kinds of characters who make a romantic comedy a hit and “hits” it right on the nose with these archetypes. (Not stereotypes, gang. That’s soo different.)

by Stephanie Bourbon

This week I’m talking about characters in comedy, specifically romantic comedies. What I am seeing in a lot of work that is coming in is the stereotypes of the snarky leading lady-who honestly, no one, not even our leading man, would like because she’s too awful, and the womanizer leading man-who again, why would anyone give him a chance? And then the other characters are throwaways. read article

15 Grammar Rules It’s Okay to Break (Infographic)

Experteditor.Com brings us this helpful infographic about grammar rules it’s perfectly cool for all of us to break.

Alternate title: YAY!

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Clap Your Hands to Bring Movie Theaters Back from the Grave

The writer of the article below firmly believes that “There’s hope for American movie theaters after all.” Not only are we here at TVWriter™ hoping she’s right, we’re hoping even more that the films shown in our theaters will be fresh, vital, and alive…qualities that have been missing since long before COVID-19.

by Angela Watercutter via Wired.Com & ArsTechnica.Com

A year ago it would’ve seemed unfathomable: Over the Memorial Day holiday, a single film had a good opening weekend at the North American box office. After 15 months of COVID-19 theater closures, delayed release dates, and general anxiety about the future of moviegoing, A Quiet Place Part II is projected to bring in north of $57 million. That’s the most any movie has made during the pandemic and far outpaces the last record holder: Godzilla vs. Kong, which snagged $32 million in March. read article

Kate Hackett Hates USB Cables

TVWriter™ is happy to welcome back ultra-talented indie writing, directing, and acting mayven Kate Hackett, who unleashes her thoroughly justified ire in a lovely rant called I Hate USBs.

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Cartoon: ‘Fulfillment’

Grant Snider lets us know exactly where he stands on a subject – emotion? state of being? – called fulfillment.

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