Video game addiction: China imposes gaming curfew for minors

God may be a gamer (see the post above), but that doesn’t exactly make online gaming popular in a little country called…um…The People’s Republic of China.

In other words, “Oy!”

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Herbie J Pilato Reflects on Dawn “Mary Ann” Wells

Forever Mary Ann
by Herbie J Pilato

“By the dawn’s early light…”

How fitting that such a musical patriotic pledge of allegiance would include even the slightest reference to the first name of an actress who for decades represented the All-American dream girl.

Dawn Wells, who died at 82 from complications of Covid-19 on December 30, 2020, was from day one as American as apple pie, or more specifically, of the Coconut Cream of the crop selection. That was her dessert of choice when playing the beloved castaway Mary Ann Summers on the TV classic Gilligan’s Island, which originally ran on CBS from 1964 to 1967. read article

‘1917’ Explained by Cinematographer Roger Deakins

Far too many showbiz newcomers don’t seem to understand what cinematographers – also known as Directors of Photography – do. Here, one of the true greats in the field (with 2 Oscars, 5 BAFTAs, and 15 Oscar nominations for Best Cinematographer) gives us the inside scoop.

Here at TVWriter™ we believe it’s especially important to know what every crew member does because it’s the writer’s job to please the crew every bit as much as it’s the crew’s to please the writer.

Last Week’s Most Important Cord Cutting Developments – 1/12/21

Cord Cutters News gives us the latest on the cord cutting front. Discovery+ Launches, Roku’s Record Numbers, CES 2021 Previews, and More!

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10 Most Viewed TVWriter™ Posts of the Week – 1/11/21

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Good morning! Welcome to another new week at TVWriter™.  As usual, our day is beginning with a look at our most popular blog posts and resource pages during the last 7 days.

They are, in order:

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