Writing Gig: Review Geek Looking for Freelance Writers

ReviewGeek.Com is looking for a few experienced writers to join their team on a freelance basis. We’re talking about a technology website focusing on saving everybody time and money when it comes to picking the best and most suitable “toys” to shell out hard-earned money on.

The site puts it this way:

Whether you’re standing in a store aisle debating between products on the shelf or shopping in bed with your phone, we’re here with the best recommendations, tips, and guides. We pore over every new product so you can quickly find the best fit for your needs and lifestyle instead of wasting your free time sifting through endless reviews, comparisons, and comments.

Review Geek’ pay scale starts at $100/article, and their ideal candidates “can contribute four or five articles ” a week ranging from 800 to 1600 words each.

Clearly, this is an entry-level gig, but, hey, if you get it, you’ll definitely be able to smile at yourself in the mirror and go, “I’m really a writer!” or “Yeah, baby!” or whatever it takes to get you through the day.

Interested? Just about everything you need to know, including the specific requirements and how to apply, is HERE

As usual, we’re reporting, not recommending. If you follow up, please let us know how the experience went, and if you get the job, don’t forget to tell us so we can enjoy your good fortune with you.

Break a leg!

Writing Gig: Ghacks.Net Looking for a New Writer

One of our favorite tech websites is looking for a writer. And while it may not be a TV, film, or even a fiction writing gig, it actually —

Wait for it —


Here’s the skinny. (Hmm, why do they call it that? Is “the skinny” one of those alta cocker words?)

by Martin Brinkman

I’m looking for a new writer for Ghacks to complement the articles that I’m writing each day. While I’m pretty happy with the development of the site as of late, I’d like to add another permanent voice to Ghacks that provides another view on things and a view on topics that I don’t cover a lot or at all.

I don’t have many requirements:

  • Your English needs to be good. I don’t care if you are a native speaker or not.
  • You need to be able to come up with interesting articles on your own, e.g. reviews, how-to articles, comparisons, first-look reviews, op-eds. Of course, I’m there for you to discuss article topics, especially in the beginning.
  • You should have a strong interest in tech related areas, e.g. Linux, Development, Hardware, or Security.
  • You need to be able to provide between two and five articles per week. I don’t mind less articles if the articles that you provide are top notch and well researched.
  • You need to be reliable. I cannot stress this enough.

Ideally, you have at least one area of expertise that you are very interested in and love to write about or tell people about. I think that a passion for certain subjects usually leads to great articles as you are able to provide greater insight and have a better understanding of the subject in question.

If I had to pick areas of expertise, I’d love to see Linux content revived here on this site (especially with end of support for Windows 7 coming in 2020).

What I’m not looking for:

  • Rehashed news-type articles that every other site writes about.
  • Reworded articles.
  • Superficial articles that are not useful.

As far as payment is concerned, that needs to be discussed on a case by case basis as it depends on numerous factors. My two main payment options are bank transfer if you are in the Euro-zone, or PayPal.

If you are not a writer but know someone who might be a good fit, feel free to recommend the article to them or tell me about them so that I may contact them.

If you are interested in the position, write an email to martin@ghacks.net. Please include two links to articles that you have written in the past (or attach them to the email), and let me know about yourself (especially the areas in tech that you are interested in). If you have an idea already on what your pay should look like, include that bit of information as well.

As usual, we aren’t recommending this job, just letting you know it’s out there. If you do get in touch with Mr. Brinkman please let us know how it goes.

Writing Gig: ‘Women & Hollywood’ is Hiring 2 Interns

Website WomenandHollywood.Com is looking for two interns to work starting July 1st of this year and ending December 23rd.

According to the site, these are paid positions ($2000 for the 6 1/2 month employment period) best filled by “people who are interested in film, writing, feminism, and popular culture.”

The interns will be working from home and required to put in ten to fifteen hours a week. Their responsibilities will include:

  • Researching and writing crowdfunding, VOD/web series, and Under the Radar features
  • Preparing monthly film preview
  • Updating weekly newsletter dedicated to informing readers of films by/about women: adding new releases, linking to relevant content on the site, removing titles that are no longer playing, etc.
  • Editing interviews with women directors for festival features
  • Transcribing interviews with female directors, actors, and writers for festivals and other events as needed
  • Conducting research projects, including research for infographics, podcasts, and presentations
  • Writing blog posts as needed

TVWriter™ can’t vouch for any of this, but from where we sit this sounds pretty darn good. You’ll find all the details HERE

Break a leg! (And, as always, if you do apply, let us know how it goes.)

Writing Gig: How-To Geek Is Looking for Writer expert in both Mac and iOS

Attention, “die-hard Mac and IOS” users. howtogeek.com needs you to “work up articles ranging from straight-forward how-tos to more complicated explainers and feature stories.”

According to the site, “This is a freelance position where you’ll be assigned topics to write about, but we also encourage you to pitch topics that we haven’t covered yet. It is also strictly a telecommuting job. We don’t have normal office hours—or even an office—so you can be located anywhere.”

You can find out more (although not necessarily what, if anything, howgogeek.com is paying – at least, we didn’t see that in what we read) HERE

If you pursue this gig, please let us know how it turns out!

Our Attorneys Made Us Do It Department: This post is not an endorsement of the website and the job it’s advertising. It isn’t even a recommendation. It’s just news, out there for you to act upon or, you know, not.

Writing Gig Op: Lifehacker is Hiring a Personal Finance Writer

Lifehacker must be gearing up for something. Last week we told you about their need to hire a staff writer. This week, they’re looking for a personal finance writer. Do you qualify?

by Melissa Kirsch

Do you have a black belt in salary negotiation? Are you in possession of more airline miles than everyone you know combined? Would your opinions on student loan payoff plans be considered “fascinating dinner party conversation”? Could you retire next year but would prefer instead to work in a very cool job explaining the finer points of personal finance to an audience of millions?

Then we want to hear from you.

Lifehacker has an immediate opening for a staff writer specializing in personal finance. This is full-time position with competitive salary and good benefits, working out of Gizmodo Media’s New York City mothership or remotely. You’ll pitch and write stories, star in videos, go on adventures, and bring our audience of tens of millions best-in-class service journalism.

We’re looking for someone with a minimum of two years writing about personal finance for a consumer-focused outlet.

Sound good? Apply!

We can’t promise that this is the gig of a lifetime, but Lifehacker is on this TVWriter™ minion’s Feedly must-read list and has been helpful as hell. If you do go the gold here, please let us know how it went, win or lose. Who knows? We may publish your experience as an article right here.