Writing Gigs: KTLA is Looking for a Part Time Newswriter

Here’s a gig that seems interesting at LA’s very own KTLA. Worth a look?



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Writing Gigs: Meanwhile, On the Showbiz Job Front…

LB’S NOTE: Ran across this job listing, along with 100s more nationwide, last weekend at EntertainmentCareers. I didn’t have the  necessary qualifications (starting with not looking for a job), but your mileage may vary.

Please remember: This isn’t a recommendation for the gig or the site. But if you respond to the ad, let me know what and how it all goes down. read article

Writing Gig: How-To Geek Is Looking for a Remote Full-Time Technology Writer

It ain’t TV, but it’s a genuine writing gig that you can tell your friends and family about if you get it.

EDITOR’S NOTE: We aren’t recommending or guaranteeing this job, just letting you know it’s available. (Our lawyers made us say that.)

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Writers and Editor Wanted at Lifehacker

Here at TVWriter™ we try to keep our eyes out for paying writing gigs and pass them on to y’all whenever possible. Today we’re presenting in full the latest announcement from one of our favorite (and most reputable) websites.

by Melissa Kirsch
via Lifehacker.Com

Are you full of strong opinions on the right way to do things that you’re dying to share with the world? Do you geek out over everything from how best to pack a suitcase to the finer points of cell phone etiquette? Do you give incredible advice, if you do say so yourself? Are you also a smart, curious, witty, detail-oriented writer or editor who wants to help people improve their lives? read article

Sort of a Writing Gig: Watch 13 Scary Movies & Get $1300

If you’re a Stephen King fan and want to make some extra money watching some films based on Stephen King books while your bodily reactions are monitored and recorded, DISH Network may have the gig for you.

Here’s the scoop from DISH: read article