How To Get A Film On Netflix

Film Courage comes through…once again!

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Hollywood Has Opened Some Doors For Underrepresented TV Writers, But What Comes Next?

Whither diversity? Marina Fang asks – and answers – a very tough question.

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by Marina Fang

For more than a decade, Claudia Forestieri was a reporter and producer for Telemundo, telling stories about Latinx communities around the country, from the Bay Area, to Chicago, to Miami, to Los Angeles, where she now lives. The work was important and meaningful to her. But she began to wonder how she could become a different kind of storyteller: telling more complete stories over a longer timescale.

“With news, you usually only get the tragic end, or the beginning, or the middle. You don’t even know because you’re just having one piece of the story,” she said. “At first, I was a general assignment reporter, and then I started doing more special projects, like more in-depth series and special reports. And those were wonderful, but it still wasn’t as satisfying as, like, seeing a well-told, well-written film or a series.” read article

sWooZie’s Secret Ingredient to Creating Great Content

From Stareable Fest 2020

YouTube sensation sWooZie shares his secret ingredient to creating exceptional content, developing content from Mars, and how your audience should be your street team. Panel includes Luke Kelly-Clyne (Showrunner and Executive Producer on Pop TV’s half-hour comedy series, “Hot Date”) and Dave Bernath (former General Manager of Comedy Central).

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How to Restart Your Unfinished Book

This TVWriter™ minion knows she can’t speak for you, but the headline above sure said volumes to me. Breathes there a soul so rare in the world of TVWriter™ visitors who hasn’t begun but not finished at least one book?

Of course not, which is why y’all need to read on….

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When to hire a freelance book editor

Nathan Bransford, TVWriter™’s favorite publishing know-it-all, answers one of the most common questions  asked by prose writers, including novices and pros. Big thanks for explaining what’s up so that even this TVWriter™ minion could grasp it!

by Nathan Bransford

There are tons of freelance book editors who can do wonders to help you improve your writing, give you crucial feedback at key junctures in your journey, and provide a final gut check before you pursue publication. I am one of those people. read article