Kathryn Graham: The Best Sci-Fi Show You (Probably) Aren’t Watching

Or, to put it another way, a good “TVWriter™ bud Sees ORPHAN BLACK.” Thanks, Kate!

Orphan Blackby Kathryn Graham

“Alison: Fine. She wants in? We’re clones! We’re someone’s experiment and they’re killing us off! Is that helpful?”  read article

Ken Levine: ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK: my review

We’ve resisted watching Netflix’s original series, ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, mostly cuz, well, women’s prison stuff, you know? But Ken Levine has convinced us to give it a try, mostly cuz, hey, women’s prison. What can you do?

orange-is-the-new-blackby Ken Levine

From the first moment there was pay cable there were women-in-prison movies. It’s almost as if the delivery system was invented just for that purpose. They came on late at night and were ridiculously gratuitous. After all, since you could now show naked women on TV, why not show them naked all the time? Like reading their mail while showering.

These movies were all singularly awful, filled with sadistic lesbian prison guards and showgirls gone bad.  There was so much silicone the prison could float.  In every film the girls plotted their escape, carving guns out of soap and turning nail files into knives. Of course, where were they going to hide them since they were always naked? read article



by Robin Reed

I was glad to see that the new Battlestar Galactica movie, based during the first Cylon war and starring the young and enthusiastic Bill Adama, later to be the older and wearier Admiral Adama of the other SyFy series, was not a jingoistic rah rah war movie. It was more in the tradition of Vietnam War movies in which the reasons for the war are unclear and the motives of the leaders who order young people into battle are murky.

And yet, this movie is a jingoistic rah rah war movie, because as someone said, you can’t make an anti-war movie. War is exciting, and addicting. It is more interesting than getting a job and having a family. For many people, once they have experienced it, they want to go back to it. You can call it meaningless and question why it happens all you want, but just showing it is attractive to many people.

This movie takes place after the Cylons, robots created as warriors, then used as servants, have rebelled against the humans of the Colonies. (Ask colonies from where, and you get into the never-explained backstory of the original 1980’s Battlestar Galactica. They seem to be colonies from Earth, but when did they leave Earth? In the original show, the viper pilots had helmets that looked Egyptian. Did ancient Egypt have space flight? The show never said. Oh, and the Cylons were an alien race in the original show, they weren’t created by the colonies.) read article

HOUSE OF CARDS Is a Losing Hand.


HOUSE OF CARDS, is meant for the likes of me in one respect: I have recently streamed the entirety of shows like DOWNTON ABBEY, BREAKING BAD, SONS OF ANARCHY, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, BOARDWALK EMPIRE, GAME OF THRONES and the old and the new versions of UPSTAIRS DOWNSTAIRS.

I enjoy watching serialized shows that leave me wanting more, but because I waited I don’t have to wait. read article

munchman Sees 1600 PENN

1600 Penn

…And I can honestly say that it’s every bit as bad as the picture above indicates.

THE GOOD: read article