LB: More Cool Port Townsend Area News

by Larry Brody

My hat is off to Dylan James Quarles of good ole Port Townsend, one of the winners of BestIndieBookAward.Com’s 2021 “BIBA” for his novel There Be Monsters.

It’s science fiction! It’s Fantasy! It’s so good that not only has it received this award, it’s also gotten four and a half stars on Good Reads!

Y’know, sometimes I think Port Townsend is magic. A combination of Shangri La and Brigadoon. Cool things like this are always happening. read article

LB: The Ever-Continuing Changing of the Guard

by Larry Brody

Alas, poor Netflix. Sacrificing quality for quantity never really works in the arts. And, yes, I still consider film and TV to be arts.

Reality Check is HERE read article

LB: Have You Read ‘SHuSH?

by Larry Brody

Earlier this week I recommended a book by the brothers Howard (AKA Ron and Clint). Today I’m recommending something book-related but not a book.

Nosirree. This time around I’m talking about an e-newsletter.

And not just any e-newsletter. A genuine literary one, about subjects of interest to non-fiction writers and readers. read article

LB: Levi’s or Levis…WTF?

by Larry Brody

Okay, here it is. The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about a misperception I’ve never understood:

Found on FaceBook. Gems like this are a big part of what keeps me there.

LB: “The Burgeoning New Market for Screenwriters

by Larry Brody

Wiley Miller and his daily comic strip, Non Sequitur, do it again.

As we say in the Land of High Concept: Why the !@#! didn’t I think of this? via GoComics.Com

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