LB: Thoughts on Creating a Protagonist Who’s a Total Asshole

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by Larry Brody

Back in 2001, after the demise of FoxKids TV, Haim Saban’s U.S. production company, and, therefore, Spider-Man unlimited and my last show for both corporations, Diabolik, I used the time I now had – and the disgust I felt about the whole way my second career (AKA the animation writing thing) had gone – to write a novel.

It was based on a true story, and I worked very closely with the subject of that story, a cardio-thoracic surgeon who had unfairly lost his medical license because, in his own words, “I’m a major league asshole.”

And, truth to tell, he was. read article

LB: Some showbiz (and real life) lessons recently learned

by Larry Brody

SHOWBIZ lesson #1

For various arcane reasons, I’ve always considered myself to have come of age – as in become aware of the world around me and my place in it in 1962 – the year I graduated from high school.

Today I realized that if I’d become a visitor to TVWriter™ in 1962, the information I currently provide visitors and students would have been coming from a man whose last professional Hollywood style writing job was in 1942 – because 20 years ago was when I did my last episode of Spider-Man Unlimited.

And now I find myself wondering. Would I have listened to that guy? read article

LB: 2 TV Shows I’m no longer watching

by Larry Brody

Changes, changes, changes….


I’ve always found Gary Cole to be off-putting. He’s a good actor, but I never like the characters he plays. Just don’t want to be around them. read article

LB: $14.99 for a Kindle Book?!

by Larry Brody

Ron Howard and Clint Howard, both of whom are immensely talented and have been in the wonderful world of showbiz for a long, long time, have written a book.

It’s called The Boys: A Memoir of Hollywood and Family, and the reviews are terrific. I really want to read it.

But my eyesight is such that the only books (or magazines, whatever) I can read are ebooks because that’s the only way I can make the font big enough and the contrast strong enough to, well, see the damn words. read article

LB: The #1 Secret to Success as a Writer is…

by Larry Brody

…Knowing how the business side of the medium you’re writing for works and dedicating yourself to working that knowledge with the same amount of diligence (actually, obsession) that you use in your writing.

Why am I finally bringing this up on TVWriter™ after all these years? These two blog articles I ran across this morning issued the wake-up call I needed.

1. Does the Idea of Promoting Your Book Make You Feel Queasy?

by Lizbeth Meredith (@LizbethMeredith) via read article