LB: “The Burgeoning New Market for Screenwriters

by Larry Brody

Wiley Miller and his daily comic strip, Non Sequitur, do it again.

As we say in the Land of High Concept: Why the !@#! didn’t I think of this? via GoComics.Com

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LB: Writing, Showbiz, and the Daily Comics

by Larry Brody

A TVWriter™ visitor who wants to remain anonymous (what’s the matter, bud, embarrassed to have this  sweet little habit?) sent me these two comic strips this morning but didn’t tell me where they got them. So if you know the name of the strip and/or its creator, please drop me a line so I can add proper attribution.

LB’s NOTE: Aha! Found it my very self. This is a strip called Betty, by Gary Delainey and Gerry Rasmussen, and I just subscribed to it via GoComics.

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