LB: “FS?” “Initialism?” WTF? AKA Yes, It’s True. I Even Reject My Own Writing!

Shakespeare created new words all the time. Why can’t we?

by Larry Brody

NOTE FROM LB: I often get inquiries about the creative process and these days all too often do my best not to respond to them because I find the situation so complicated that I end up tripping all over the words I’m trying to use.

Last weekend, however, I ran across the following never-before-published blog post. I wrote it with the best of intentions, but after it was finished, a quick read left me dismayed.

The piece simply didn’t work for me. There were three reasons I felt this way. LB the Editor still feels this way, but LB the Writer still resents the rejection, so I’m publishing this here and now and rationalizing it by saying, “Hey, have a look, kids. Here’s how the creative process really works…for yours truly anyway.” read article

LB: 2022 Oscar Writing Award Winners

by Larry Brody

Sunday night’s Academy Award ceremony was, as far as I’m concerned, just one more step on the road to ruin that all showbiz award shows now are skidding along on.

Any number of websites – including this one – can name the winners and losers in most categories, including Asshole Actor of the Year Will Smith, so all I’m going to do now is list the screenplay winners and nominees. read article

LB: The Real Whys and Wherefores of TV

by Larry Brody

Yeppers, kids, since the dawn of commercial TV, all the way back in the late 1940s, there have been two major reasons people have pulled up stakes, abandoned their loved ones, and flocked to New York and Hollywood and London et al to give everything they’ve got, mentally, spiritually, and physically in exchange television careers.

Money, of course, is one.

And the other is this: read article

LB: More Cool Port Townsend Area News

by Larry Brody

My hat is off to Dylan James Quarles of good ole Port Townsend, one of the winners of BestIndieBookAward.Com’s 2021 “BIBA” for his novel There Be Monsters.

It’s science fiction! It’s Fantasy! It’s so good that not only has it received this award, it’s also gotten four and a half stars on Good Reads!

Y’know, sometimes I think Port Townsend is magic. A combination of Shangri La and Brigadoon. Cool things like this are always happening. read article

LB: 2022 Oscar Writing Nominations

Woah, it’s the new, hip, and trendy Oscars. Is H’wood really swinging again?

by Larry Brody

UPDATE FROM LB: I just realized that the original list of nominees is incomplete. The Hollywood Reporter listed the screenplays but, in their never-ending mistreatment of writers, not the writers themselves.

So, with help from Deadline.Com, here are the people who went through all the mishigas writers go through working their butts off and getting the screen credit for their sensational work:

Writing (Adapted Screenplay) read article