LB: “Baited Breath?”

by Larry Brody

No, dammit. Just no.

The phrase isn’t “baited breath,” as in fishing, it’s “bated breath,” as in abated, as in holding one’s breath! read article

LB: Oh Crud! (A Sort of a Salute)

Rover and its crud

by Larry Brody

NASA Perseverance Mars rover has crud obstructing its rock sample system

The headline above, from, is my favorite  post/article heading of the year so far.

When I was a kid, I was a huge fan of Mad, which in those days was a comic book not a magazine, and which frequently used the word “crud,” or more often “cruddy,” to mean something was crummy or lousy or just plain subpar.

I loved “crud” because as far as I knew, it was a made-up word used only in the comic, and there was something about using a “d” instead of an “m” that lent it great power. To me, something cruddy was infinitely yuckier than any crummy ever could be. read article

LB: Why New Writers Need to Stop asking Pros to Read Their Scripts

by Larry Brody

One of the most upsetting truths new TV, screen, and even literary writers need to learn as early as possible is that very few professional writers (or editors or producers) want to read your masterpieces.

To ask a working writer to do so is present yourself as an arrogant, thoughtless, and very unprofessional soul, especially if you want us to do it for free (which is the way this request usually is presented). read article

LB: The Ever-Continuing Changing of the Guard

by Larry Brody

Alas, poor Netflix. Sacrificing quality for quantity never really works in the arts. And, yes, I still consider film and TV to be arts.

Reality Check is HERE read article

LB: Have You Read ‘SHuSH?

by Larry Brody

Earlier this week I recommended a book by the brothers Howard (AKA Ron and Clint). Today I’m recommending something book-related but not a book.

Nosirree. This time around I’m talking about an e-newsletter.

And not just any e-newsletter. A genuine literary one, about subjects of interest to non-fiction writers and readers. read article