How to trick people into thinking you’re good looking

Regular TVWriter™ visitors may recall a certain editor who variously called himself Muncher or muncher or Munchman or munchman or even Tim Muncher in his earliest days here.

Tim is still a great TVWriter™ friend and total bud to our Beloved Leader LB. He’s just too busy being amazingly cool, read more

How Do Stars of Hit TV Shows Get Cast?

Ever wondered how your favorite, or least favorite, TV hero got cast? One of this TVWriter™ minion’s faves fills us in.

Found on the Pop Goes the Culture TV Channel

More Good News on the Agent Front for the Writers Guild of America

Lately, the tide of battle in the WGA’s war on packaging fees and other violations of fiduciary duty by large talent agencies has been turning our (yes, “our,” as in “The writers’) way. Most recent case in point:

Judge Allows Writers Guild to Seek an Injunction Over Packaging Fees
by Eriq Gardner

The Writers Guild of America is on a roll in its war read more

Is this the future of TV writing?

Of course television writers’ relationship with Zoom is love-hate. So’s our relationship with television! And writing! And…

But we digress. Here’s the video:

And a well done related article too:

TV writers, like all of us, are developing a love-hate relationship with Zoom
by Nathan Mattise

Every week now seems to bring news of another read more

Best Showbiz Cartoon of the Month So Far

NOTE FROM LB: This strip  from Thursday, May 7, 2020’s Funky Winkerbeat, may appear to be just another showbiz cliche, but in fact you’re looking at ans absolutely real, non-apocryphal situation.

I know because I’ve lived through at least half a dozen similar meetings, all with the read more