How to Get Your TV Show Idea on the Air #1

by Larry Brody

This is a big moment, kids. The debut of TVWriter™’s new weekly feature spotlighting videos on how to sell your TV series and get it made and seen by your friends, neighbors, enemies, and, of course, perfect strangers.

Longtime visitors to this site will remember the image above as accompanying a humorous gossip column called “For Love & Money” that we ran in years gone by. We’re using it now because, for better and for worse, those two elements of life remain what the TV Industry is all about.

In other words, this is serious business indeed, but the process also is filled with fun and, yes, love.  So please sit back and click to learn, enjoy, and maybe even find your TV show Destiny. read article

Overcoming Showbiz Obstacles

A couple of weeks ago,, one of the finest websites about getting started in the entertainment industry you’ll ever see, posted some of the most important videos you’ll ever see on YouTube if you’re an ambitious showbiz aspirant. Don’t just go, “Oh, wow!,” click and watch, friends. For your own good and that of the audience you’re trying to get as well.

The whole kit & kaboodle, complete with editorial commentary, is (are?) HERE

Munchman: All You Need to Know to Fulfill Your Hollywood Dreams

by munchman

Hey kids!

Are you new to showbiz? Did you just relocate to L.A.? Wondering what the hell you should do next? read article

How Do You Show Somebody Not Showing Their Feelings?

In real life we hide our true feelings all the time. In TV & film, actors and directors take advantage of enigmatic closeups and background music to show viewers that they’re hiding something. What can you, as a writer, do to set up this situation in your script without going over the top?

HINT: Subtext for the win. (Now all you have to do is figure out how to create it.)

The Real Secret of Pitch Meeting Success

The big difference between most people pitching ideas to execs and producers is that all but the rawest exec/producer you talk to knows, before you even enter the room,  the rewards you’ll get if they say yes.

Money! Success! Career joy! read article