How Do Stars of Hit TV Shows Get Cast?

Ever wondered how your favorite, or least favorite, TV hero got cast? One of this TVWriter™ minion’s faves fills us in.

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More Good News on the Agent Front for the Writers Guild of America

Lately, the tide of battle in the WGA’s war on packaging fees and other violations of fiduciary duty by large talent agencies has been turning our (yes, “our,” as in “The writers’) way. Most recent case in point:

Judge Allows Writers Guild to Seek an Injunction Over Packaging Fees
by Eriq Gardner

The Writers Guild of America is on a roll in its war over the packaging fees that talent agencies collect for lining up most of the talent in a television series. Having recently scored agreements with UTA and ICM that include a stipulation to end packaging fee practices by 2022, the WGA convinced a California federal judge on Wednesday to allow it to proceed with legal claims against CAA and WME. What’s more, the guild will be able to pursue injunctive relief. read article

Is this the future of TV writing?

Of course television writers’ relationship with Zoom is love-hate. So’s our relationship with television! And writing! And…

But we digress. Here’s the video:

And a well done related article too: read article

Best Showbiz Cartoon of the Month So Far

NOTE FROM LB: This strip  from Thursday, May 7, 2020’s Funky Winkerbeat, may appear to be just another showbiz cliche, but in fact you’re looking at ans absolutely real, non-apocryphal situation.

I know because I’ve lived through at least half a dozen similar meetings, all with the same punchline.

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Film Making Doesn’t End with the Writer & Director

There are those – including our Beloved Leader, Larry Brody – who believe that cinematographers are every bit as responsible for the creative success of a film (or TV show) as writers and directors. Hmm, come to think of it, this TVWriter™ minion cant’ come up with the name of anybody in the biz who disagrees.

Here’s all you need to know about what Oscar winning cinematographers do and how they do it.

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