munchman: $1.3B ‘Hollywoodland’ theme park coming to Middletown, Ohio?

Why are we showing this sign? Because some folks in Middletown, Ohio need to stop smoking so much. When you read below you’ll see what we mean.

by munchman

Well, sure, why not build what Fox19 news calls a “$1.3 billion riverfront destination entertainment district and theme park called ‘Hollywoodland’” and then wait for the billions of $$$ the tourists are going to bring into a town in Bumfuck? Makes perfect sense to yer friendly neighborhood muncher. Oy yez!

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Because mocking anything being brought to our attention via any Fox TV station is like shooting fish in a barrel. No challenge here, peeps, move on, move on. read article

munchman: “Brand story? Brand story? What the goddamn hell…?

by munchman

Yer friendly neighborhood munchamambo is here to tell you, “I give up!”

Yrs trly has read this post about why we all need to have (write? draw? tell over the campfire?) something called a “brand story” three times and I’m still clueless about what the fuck it’s talking about. read article

munchman: Speaking of popular podcasts…


by munchman

If podcasts are so fucken popular, how come das munchinkin doesn’t know anybody (that’s right, not one single human or for that matter dog, cat, horse, or turtle) who’s ever listened to one?

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Omitting the fourth and fifth stars because let’s face it here, there’s so little real interest in podcasting that anything moi or you or anybody else says about it is meaningless.. read article

munchman: Ain’t Pushback Wunnerful?

by munchman

That’s Mr. Lieber on the left and looks like Disney/Marvel on the right?

Whoa! The big news yesterday – you know, Sunday, a day when they never show us any news, which explains why you never heard about it before as well as why yer friendly neighborhood muncher-in-chief isn’t reporting it til today…wait. Where wuz I?

Oh. Right. The big news is that – and this is a headline at


And yessirree, what LL is suing about is “a bigger portion of the pie” Marvel and its master, Disney, are making from film characters like Thor, Iron Man, Ant-Man, Loki et al, all of which, it turns out first appeared in comic book stories credited as written by, yeppers, you guessed it, Larry L his oh-so-very self. read article

munchman: Wes Studi And a Brief History of Native Americans in Film

It’s not often that GQ schools us in anything other than style, but the following article on Native actor Wes Studi is a fascinating and insightful lesson in both Studi’s life and what it feels like to grow up as an oppressed people within the United States.

In other words, if you’re reading this for muncherisms, you might as well stop now. Even “yer friendly neighborhood munchawhatever” knows when it’s time for the straight goods instead of snark.

The Untold Stories of Wes Studi
by Tommy Orange

When Wes Studi broke through in Dances With Wolves and The Last of the Mohicans, he was cast as a terrifying villain. But for many in the Native community, he was a hero channeling decades of righteous anger. Tommy Orange tells the story of an overlooked icon who forever changed the way Indigenous people are depicted onscreen. read article