munchman: “Brand story? Brand story? What the goddamn hell…?

by munchman

Yer friendly neighborhood munchamambo is here to tell you, “I give up!”

Yrs trly has read this post about why we all need to have (write? draw? tell over the campfire?) something called a “brand story” three times and I’m still clueless about what the fuck it’s talking about. read article

munchman: Speaking of popular podcasts…


by munchman

If podcasts are so fucken popular, how come das munchinkin doesn’t know anybody (that’s right, not one single human or for that matter dog, cat, horse, or turtle) who’s ever listened to one?

munchy snark score


Omitting the fourth and fifth stars because let’s face it here, there’s so little real interest in podcasting that anything moi or you or anybody else says about it is meaningless.. read article