Professional Read and Critique

(LB UPDATE 06/02/22) Sorry – very sorry indeed – but while working with so many talented new writers over the past 20+ years has been a wonderful experience, at 77 years of age I’ve just plain run out of steam. Thank you all for the wonderful moments and memories – and, whatever else you do or don’t do, keep writing!

For those of you with money to burn, the Professional Read & Critique could be just the right class. This one’s personal, one-on-one, with Larry Brody going through your screenplay or teleplay exactly as he would go through the scripts written by writers on his shows.

LB makes notes on everything: Story, style, characterization, dialog, the works, giving specific suggestions for what all the changes should be, and you get both an online private chat session about the material (the equivalent of the writers meeting a showrunner would have with a writer working on assignment) and an e-mailed written report containing everything LB said in case you forgot. When you’ve revised your work, he’ll read it again and give further suggestions if needed, and loud huzzahs if not.

All this work takes a great deal of time and effort, which means it costs proportionately. We’ve seen consultants who’ve written how-to books but never produced a thing ask as much as $5000 per script. However, responding to popular demand, the cost here at TVWriter.Com, where Larry Brody, a writer who has written and produced more shows than he can even remember, is $2500 because we genuinely care about our clients, their current circumstances, and their potential futures.

Oh, and if you’re a graduate of any of our other workshops, there’s a 30% discount, bringing the price down to $1750.

We don’t like to make promises, but here’s one. If you’ve got the courage to face this professional analysis you’re bound to learn more than you ever thought there was to know!

NOTE:  For the details about the READ AND CRITIQUE, including payment,  Contact Larry Brody directly from here

OUR LAWYERS MADE US DO IT DEPT: By their very nature, classes in writing require content creators to upload, attach, or otherwise present their original material so that it can be read by other class members, teachers, and teaching consultants. TVWriter.Com accepts no responsiblity or liability should this exposure result in any conflicts over intellectual property rights.

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