LB: About that Memoir by Ron Howard and Clint Howard

The Howard Boys

by Larry Brody

So it turns out that $14.99 is not such an unusual price for a Kindle book.

I know because Gwen the Beautiful – among many others – has told me so, with Gwen adding that fifteen bucks is par for the course in terms of the science books she devours via that very source. read article

LB: $14.99 for a Kindle Book?!

by Larry Brody

Ron Howard and Clint Howard, both of whom are immensely talented and have been in the wonderful world of showbiz for a long, long time, have written a book.

It’s called The Boys: A Memoir of Hollywood and Family, and the reviews are terrific. I really want to read it.

But my eyesight is such that the only books (or magazines, whatever) I can read are ebooks because that’s the only way I can make the font big enough and the contrast strong enough to, well, see the damn words. read article