LB: Last Week’s Big Streaming Winner was ‘Squid Game’

But you already suspected as much, yeah?

Here’s the salient paragraph in IndieWire’s report on last week’s ratings: read article

LB: Thoughts on Creating a Protagonist Who’s a Total Asshole

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by Larry Brody

Back in 2001, after the demise of FoxKids TV, Haim Saban’s U.S. production company, and, therefore, Spider-Man unlimited and my last show for both corporations, Diabolik, I used the time I now had – and the disgust I felt about the whole way my second career (AKA the animation writing thing) had gone – to write a novel.

It was based on a true story, and I worked very closely with the subject of that story, a cardio-thoracic surgeon who had unfairly lost his medical license because, in his own words, “I’m a major league asshole.”

And, truth to tell, he was. read article

LB: Speaking of Herbie J Pilato…

by Larry Brody

…Here’s the best pic of him I’ve ever seen.

Per Herbie J’s email to me: read article

LB: Spooning [with]? Gwen the Beautiful

by Larry Brody

Thanks to master craftsman and fiction podcaster supreme Bob Tinsley for bestowing this honor upon my most deserving superhero (her hobby is quantum physics!) wife!

via Facebook, but what can you do?