Cartoon: ‘Yoga for Readers’

To be a good reader, you not only have to write your butt off, you need to read even more. (We can hear the body parts dropping in our mind’s ears.) Today, our favorite cartoonist-philosopher, Grant Snider gives us a visual lesson reading that speaks for itself. (Although we feel duty-bound to remind y’all that these positions may not be nearly as productive if you try ’em while you write.

More of Grant Snider’s sensitive perception of humanity and creativity at Incidental Comics, HERE

2021 Emmy Award Winning Writers

And now, because it’s the right thing to do (and you can see the other winners just about anywhere), here they are, the really big Emmy winners for this year. That’s right, we’re talking about the WRITERS!


Hacks, “There Is No Line (Pilot)”
Written by Lucia Aniello, Written by Paul W. Downs, Written by Jen Statsky


 I May Destroy You
Written by Michaela Coel read article

Cartoon: ‘Crossroads’

Our favorite cartoonist-philosopher, Grant Snider gives a good think about where you can go by – wait for it – not thinking. Who’d a’thunk?

More of Grant Snider’s sensitive perception of humanity and creativity at Incidental Comics, HERE

Dawn McElligott: Ready-to Wear? High Fashion? Mockery for the Next TV Season?

by Dawn McElligott

Critiques of THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA are showing up all over YouTube.  Viewers are enjoying the dissection of selected scenes with explanations of what makes them work. One video, “Andy Gets a Makeover,” attracted well over a million views since JoBlo Movie Clips posted it in June.

Impressive for a 15-year-old movie.

At the same time, Throw Back TV is posting scenes and full episodes of JUST SHOOT ME, a sitcom on NBC that poked fun at women’s magazines from 1997 to 2003. read article

Attn. Web Series Creators, Stareable Fest is Back for 2021

One of the best intentioned as well as best run and most helpful festivals we know of wants – well, to put it succinctly, it wants ALL OF US!

NOTE: TVWriter™ gets nothing out of this particular event except the satisfaction of knowing we’re helping y’all learn about and attend something we believe in.)

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