Herbie J Pilato Wishes ‘The Smith Family’ a Happy 50th Anniversary

by Herbie J Pilato

The melodic opening theme music. The movie-stars-turned-sitcom-mom-and-dad. Dragnet meets Father Knows Best. One of TV’s first dramedies. Opie Taylor before Richie Cunningham.

The Smith Family, created by Edmund Hartman and Bob Sorrentino, had it all of that and more. read article

Cartoon: ‘The Hierarchy of Needs’

TVWriter™’s all-time favorite artist/philosopher, Grant Snider knows what he needs. What about you?

See more of Grant Snider’s extraordinary perceptions of human creativity at Incidental Comics, HERE read article

Herbie J Pilato Reviews New “Golden Girls’ Documentary

by Herbie J Pilato

Jenny Reed has had it with Dumb Writing

Zippy isn’t dumb. He’s simply lovable. As for Sluggo, the less said about him, the better.

Dumb Stories & Characters Drive Me Insane!
by Jenny Reed

Time Now For A General Writing Tip

While a particular story that I read today remind me of this particular writing problem, what I’m saying in this space is in fact a tip I give QUITE OFTEN.

Never make us ask “is that character a fricking moron?” Or anything similar.

I mean, it’s okay if you WANT your character to be a moron. But if you do, make sure your intention is blisteringly obvious. Don’t make us ask. read article

Cartoon: ‘Reality’

TVWriter™’s all-time favorite artist/philosopher, Grant Snider, takes a thoughtful look at reality – and how to create yours.

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