Is There Really “Too Much Television?”

NOTE FROM LB: Once upon a time, my life was changed by a book called The Sot-Weed Factor by John Barth in which a judge uttered a very important line of dialog. “You’ll get the best justice you can afford!”

Now, one year shy of 60 years later, I’m thinking about these two short sentences written by Libby Hill about not justice but television. “The average Joe doesn’t care about The Morning Show. They already have all the TV they need – and can afford.”

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What’s a “Fuck you” or two between friends?

Ever wonder just how valuable everyday politeness is? By which we really mean, ever wonder why the hell people keep telling you to be polite to strangers?

Productivity’s what our lives are all about this days, amiright? Well, how does politeness help you get your creativity out there and your work done? Huh? Is being polite going to get your work done? Should it?

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Climate Strike Day

It’s time to walk our talk about a certain impending doom that way too many people are burying their heads in the sand about.

Today is Climate Strike Day, worldwide, and while it has nothing to do with TV or film writing, it has everything to do with Real Life. As the Ohio Sierra Club put it in a recent tweet: read article


by TVWriter™ News Service

The Writers Guild of America West’s nominating committees have announced the initial list of candidates for the 2019 WGAW Officers and Board of Directors election.

The Officer candidates are as follows: President* – David A. Goodman (inc.); Vice President – Marjorie David (inc.), Carl Gottlieb; Secretary-Treasurer – Michele Mulroney, Evette Vargas. read article

7 Screenwriting Tips from – Oh, You Guessed! – Screenwriters

The mother and father of all showbiz trade maags, Variety.Com comes up with a winner for writers. In other words, this is about writing because that’s how we and our viewers win, yeah?

Here’s what Variety has to say about this vid: read article