100 Low Budget Filmmaking Tips

Like so many things we aren’t allowed to see, this filmmaker video is only for those who “need to know.” Fortunately, the info here is something all who visit TVWriter™ regularly do indeed need to know.

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‘America’s Sexiest Couple’ by Ken Levine

Seeing Zoom performances of the fine plays written by Ken Levine almost make the COVID-19 crisis worthwhile. Well, the self-isolating part anyway.

A couple of weeks ago e brought you ‘Going Going Gone. This time around Ken is writing about America’s Sexiest Couple. read article

‘Going Going Gone’ by Ken Levine

As confirmed fans of writer-producer-sportscaster Ken Levine, we are happy to share this Zoom reading of his latest full-length comedy play with TVWriter™ visitors.

It ain’t Cheers, MASH, or Frasier, three of the many TV series Ken has written and produced over the years. It’s even better. Check it out. read article

Is There Really “Too Much Television?”

NOTE FROM LB: Once upon a time, my life was changed by a book called The Sot-Weed Factor by John Barth in which a judge uttered a very important line of dialog. “You’ll get the best justice you can afford!”

Now, one year shy of 60 years later, I’m thinking about these two short sentences written by Libby Hill about not justice but television. “The average Joe doesn’t care about The Morning Show. They already have all the TV they need – and can afford.”

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What’s a “Fuck you” or two between friends?

Ever wonder just how valuable everyday politeness is? By which we really mean, ever wonder why the hell people keep telling you to be polite to strangers?

Productivity’s what our lives are all about this days, amiright? Well, how does politeness help you get your creativity out there and your work done? Huh? Is being polite going to get your work done? Should it?

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