2019 Nicholl Fellowship Finalists Announced

by TVWriter™ Press Service

The Nicholl Fellowships are arguably the most important writing competition in existence for new screenwriters. In addition to the actual Fellowship, winners almost always end up with representation and agents and lots of wide open doors that were shut tight before.

TVWriter™ congratulates the following 2019 Nicholl Fellowships finalists on their achievement:

Aaron Chung, “Princess Vietnam”
Gary Patent, “Cosmonaut”
Jack Zafran, “Justice, Justice”
Joel Sinensky, “The Lie Factory”
Karen McDermott, “Lullabies of La Jaula”
Lynn Esta Goldman, “On the Wing”
Matthew Fantaci, “Scandalous!”
Paul Ashton, “Slater Berricks is a Dead Man”
Renee Pillai, “Boy with Kite”
Sean Malcolm, “Mother”
Toy Styles, “Concrete Beach”
Walker McKnight, “Street Rat Allie Punches Her Ticket”

Here’s a quick description of the Fellowships from an earlier post here at TVWriter™:

The Nicholl competition is open to any individual who has not earned more than $25,000 writing for film or television or received a fellowship prize that includes a “first look” clause, an option, or any other quid pro quo involving the writer’s work.  Entry scripts must be feature length and the original work of a sole author or of exactly two collaborative authors.  The scripts must have been written originally in English.  Adaptations and translated scripts are not eligible.  The earnings limit for 2013 is an increase from the $5,000 limit in previous years.

Fellowships are awarded with the understanding that the recipients will each complete a feature-length screenplay during their fellowship year.  The Academy acquires no rights to the works of Nicholl fellows and does not involve itself commercially in any way with their completed scripts.

To learn more about the Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting, visit http://oscars.org/nicholl.

Antoine Fuqua Wants To Help Get Your Film Project Made

by TVWriter™ Press Service

Director Antoine Fuqua, whose films include Training Day, Tears of the Sun, and Olympus has Fallen as well as a ton of very well-done others, is making a new name for himself as an online mentor and teacher.

Fuqua’s website, aptly named antoinefuqafilms.com, shows just three pages in addition to the Home Page.

  • Movie Funding
  • Income Assistance Grant
  • Grant Contest

The Movie Funding page contains instructions for submitting your film proposal for the company to consider.

The Income Assistance Grant page offers “reliable granting services from most government agencies and NGOs,” and assists in the application process for “low and medium income earners.”

The Grant Contest page is all about entering Fuqua’s “Power of Presentation” Film Grant competition.

All of the above appear to be worthwhile, so why not take a few moments to check them out, starting here: https://antoinefuquafilms.com.

As TVWriter™’s lawyers keep pointing out, we aren’t recommending this service, just informing y’all of their existence. So if you do proceed into further stages, please let us know how it goes so we can pass it on to the rest of the TVWriter™ community.

Break a leg!

“Then Again with Herbie J Pilato” Gets a Second Season – and a New SPINOFF Series

by TVWriter™ News Service

We aren’t always reading about our pal Herbie J Pilato, but when we do, we read the most interesting things. Here’s the latest on what one of TVWriter™’s first and foremost contributing editors – now “Contributing Editor Emiritus” –  is up to:

Hello All –

I am so over-the-moon with this announcement:

THEN AGAIN WITH HERBIE J PILATO – a classic TV talk show for every generation – has been renewed for a second season.

And not only that, but a new monthly SPIN-OFF series has been given the green light.

None of this would have been possible without the remarkable executive team at Council Tree Productions, headed by Joel Eisenberg and Steve Hillard, producer Lorie Girsh, marketing maven Bob Barnett, countless multi-talented production team members, guest stars, and an endless list of remarkably creative individuals.

And the fans of the show? What would we do without you?!

I once again offer my sincerest and deepest gratitude to all!

Executive Producer Joel Eisenberg tells us that all but the last two episodes of the first season of Then Again are currently available on Amazon Prime, and during August the two remaining episodes, starring Burt Ward (Robin on TV’s original Batman) and Ed Asner (Lou Grant on The Mary Tyler Moore Show), will join them.

As for that spinoff Herbie J mentioned?

Yeppers, it’s coming as a series of twelve monthly specials, but Eisenberg cautions that “We’ll keep his close to the vest for now.”

He also wants everybody to know that “I have to say it. I rib the guy mercilessly, but CONGRATULATIONS, Herbie J. You deserve this.”

Watch Then Again on Amazon Prime

The Then Again website is HERE

NOTE FROM MUNCHMAN: In the spirit of the moment, yer friendly neighborhood muncher wants everybody to know how he feels about Herbie J and how things are going for him:

I’m with ya, Herbie J .

2019 HBOAccess Writing Fellows Announced

from TVWriter™ Press Service

HBO has announced the eight writers chosen to participate in its 2019 HBOAccess Writing Fellowship, an eight-month program offering master classes and mentorship with an HBO executive as the writers develop a pilot script for HBO.

This year’s participants are:

  • Darnell Brown
  • Melody Cooper
  • Danielle Iman
  • Elaine Loh
  • Lucy Luna
  • Eddie Mujica
  • Jessica Shields
  • Ivan Tsang

This is the third year for the HBOAccess writing program, which is held in conjunction with the Writers Guild of America and runs every other year.

TVWriter™ congratulates all the fellows. We look forward to seeing you follow in the footsteps of previous fellows who have worked on HBO series run by David Simon, Joss Whedon, and others.

More info about the new fellows is HERE

The Writers Guild Foundation’s Veterans Writing Project

Veterans Wrilting Project group workshop

via TVWriter™ Press Service

The mission of the Writers Guild Foundation’s Veterans Writing Project is to identify emerging writers from United States military backgrounds and provide them with the tools and insights to nurture their passion for writing and successfully navigate the entertainment industry.

We do this in two phases over a yearlong program: A weekend-long retreat, and monthly follow-up workshops and special events. Each military veteran is paired with WGA members. Our writer-mentors represent some of the most beloved movies and television series of the past and present, and are committed to guiding the voices of the future.


When is it?
The program’s kickoff event – the weekend retreat – takes place in spring 2019. Ongoing mentorship workshops and networking events will continue each month through spring 2020 on weekday evenings.

Where is it?
All sessions take place at the WGF’s Shavelson-Webb Library in Los Angeles, CA.

How much does it cost?
The program is free. NOTE: those from outside the Los Angeles area are expected to cover their own transportation and lodging costs.

Am I eligible?
We encourage U.S. military veterans and military service members who are interested in the craft and business of screenwriting and storytelling to apply. Applicants must be 21+ years old and a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.

Should applicants have writing experience?
Writing experience is not a requirement — what is most important is that applicants show a passion for the craft and business of writing and a commitment to completing 1 screenplay or TV pilot during the program.

How many vets does it serve?
About 50 veterans are accepted to the program per year.

How can I apply?
The application window to apply to the 2019-2020 Veterans Writing Project is now open. View the application here. Please read instructions carefully before submitting.

What is the deadline to apply?
The deadline to apply to the 2019-2020 Veterans Writing Project is Monday, February 25 at 11:59pm PST.

Will there be an interview?
WGF staff and/or selection committee members may reach out to select applicants for a phone or Skype interview.

I am a WGA member; how can I help?
If you are a WGA member and you are interested in mentoring, please contact Libbie at vets@wgfoundation.org. And please consider making a tax-deductible donation here.

I am not a WGA member or a veteran; how can I help?
Our volunteer needs are currently met, but you may email Libbie at volunteers@wgfoundation.org for more information on how to give your time to the Veterans Writing Project. And please consider making a tax-deductible donation here.

The application window to apply to the 2019-2020 Veterans Writing Project is now open!


Please subscribe to the Project’s email list here to receive updates about the program.