Have You Read Herbie J Pilato’s MARY: THE MARY TYLER MOORE STORY?

Substack.Com calls itself “The home for great writing,” and we can tell you this much – they sure prove they know their business with this excerpt of the new paperback Edition of Herbie J Pilato’s bio of Mary Tyler Moore.  Fine, tasty writing by one of TVWriter™’s favorite boychiks. (The “chik” thing got you worried? Nothing sexist here, honest. Look it up.)

“Oh, Rob!” – New Paperback Edition of
via substack.com

As explored in the new paperback edition of MARY: THE MARY TYLER MOORE STORY, by TV personality Herbie J Pilato, the series catapulted Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore into national stardom. As Rob and Laura Petrie, this dynamic duo became one of TV’s most likable married couples.  And thanks to syndication, their comedic and musical adventures have never left the air. read article