WGAW presents An Evening with Charles Murray and Malcolm Spellman

The Writers Guild of America West says it best: This…“Conversations in Genre” panel features writers Charles Murray (Marvel’s Luke Cage, Sons of Anarchy) and Malcolm Spellman (The Falcon and the Winter Soldier [creator], Empire), who talk about craft, creation, and the art of telling great stories. (ALERT: It’s an hour and a half long.)

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LB: The Soul of the Writer

by Larry Brody

Maya Angelou, who most likely never had to write on assignment or commision, once again demonstrates what she does best.

For me, writing from my heart has always (as in from the very first time I tried it back when I was 6 years old) been my greatest joy…and writing for any kind of master by deepest sorrow. read article

LB: Found on TVWriter™

by Larry Brody

Just ran across this cartoon that we ran on TVWriter™ a couple of years ago. Its relevance to professional writers everywhere is still pretty darn clear.

In the original article, we quoted writer-producer-attorney Bill Fordes saying something that gets right to the essence of the cartoon. Without ever having seen or heard of it. read article

Latinx Writers Committee Offers Hope Despite Barriers

In honor of Latinx Heritage Month, the Writers Guild of America West brings us the following news.


Latinx Heritage Month is a time to celebrate the contributions of Latinx people to American society. In Hollywood, where Latinx writers face systemic barriers to employment, advocates argue that the community has untapped potential for much greater cultural influence. The WGAW Latinx Writers Committee (LWC) is one group looking to unleash that potential. As Latinx writers continue to knock at opportunity’s door, the LWC is focused on giving them the tools to succeed once they get a foothold.

“Our committee is made up of over 200 Latinx film and TV writers, and we have many at the lower levels who are entering the Guild through a fellowship program, or getting promoted, or staffing for the first time,” says LWC Co-chair Danny Tolli. “It’s all wonderful and exciting but what ends up happening is, at the end of their 20 weeks, they’re not asked back and then they’re forced to repeat levels. We have one writer who was stuck repeating staff writer for five shows. read article

LB: Speaking of the 2021 Emmys…

by Larry Brody

This year, the Television Academy pushed for diversity in many ways, including delivering more POC as Emmy presenters and (I’m pretty sure) nominees than ever before.

Yet every winning actor – and let’s be real here, actors are the public face of both the Emmy and Oscarcasts –  was white. I suppose I should be happy that at least the voting members of the Academy are watching more than just the broadcast networks these days, but still, what I find myself feeling is:

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