‘Morgan’s Organs’ optioned for TV series development

Here’s a happy little email we just received from our friends at Morgan’s Organs, which we here at TVWriter™ like to think of as “the little comic book that not only ‘could,’ it did.” Congrats, Morgansters!

Hey Morganauts! read article

How To Shoot A Film At 3 Different Budget Levels

Essential film and TV making knowledge via In Depth Cine’s YouTube channel.

“How I learned to tell stories on purpose” as a video game writer

LB’S NOTE: What? Video games are writen? By writers? And they even have to learn the craft? I thought AI’s did all that. Day-am!

by Jim Stormdancer

In this article, I’ll explain how I went from having basically no idea how to construct a story to making players cry with my story (in a good way this time). There are big spoilers for the Frog Fractions Hat DLC below, so maybe play it first (or keep reading until an explicit warning about spoilers comes up). read article

Starting a Video Company On a Shoestring Budget

We’ve seen quite a few articles on how to start your own video company, but this is the best so far. Why? Because it goes into the deets, that’s why. Witnesseth:

by James Matthews

Starting a video production company is hard work and anyone who says otherwise is more than likely a better business person than I was many years ago. read article

Kickstarting Your Web Series or Fiction Podcast – Part 2

by Bob Tinsley

(NOTE FROM LB: Part 1 is terrific, and it’s HERE.)


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