‘Morgan’s Organs’ optioned for TV series development

Here’s a happy little email we just received from our friends at Morgan’s Organs, which we here at TVWriter™ like to think of as “the little comic book that not only ‘could,’ it did.” Congrats, Morgansters!

Hey Morganauts!

If you haven’t heard the news already from our Kickstarter or Social Media updates, we’re excited to share that earlier this year, Morgan’s Organs was optioned for development by Blonde Mamba Productions and One Day Entertainment to be produced as a film property. This doesn’t mean we’re a television series, yet, but it is a big step forward! You can learn more about what this means in our recent Kickstarter update.

Now, while our production team works on developing this as a television series, we’re still focused on the comic book series! We’re happy to share that 5 preview pages of Book #4 plus the cover are now available to read on our website here. We’re going deeper into Morgan’s body than we’ve ever gone before. And we might even be going further from Morgan’s body than we’ve ever gone before too.

Help us build excitement for the next Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of Book #4 by following us on our pre-launch campaign page at this link. Click “notify me on launch” and help us maximize our followers. We want to reach 100 followers, if not more, before we launch!

We’re not sure exactly when we are planning to launch the Kickstarter campaign, but it will likely be in mid-2021. We’re in no rush to get the book released (the world has far bigger things to focus on), and so we’re waiting until more of the book is complete and life is looking a bit more normal before we launch the campaign.

Thank you and stay safe!
~ Dan, Rob & Tyler

The Book 4 Preview is HERE
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