With the Credit Comes the Blame (Bill Blinn Day Part 2)

If Hollywood Takes the Credit, It Must Also Share the Blame
by Bill Blinn

(Note from Larry Brody: For those of you who need to know more about my first mentor, Bill Blinn, here’s a little something he wrote in The Lost Angeles Times way back in 2001. This will explain what I mean when I say he was a good guy and the best boss I ever had.  Hell, he may in fact have been the best man I ever knew in showbiz.)

Years ago I was fortunate enough to be executive producer and writer on the TV series “Fame.” It was set in the semi-fictionalized School of the Arts in New York City and dealt with the hopes and aspirations of the students as well as their angst and interplay with the school’s faculty. read article

2020 Plays Like a TV Show. So the Washington Post asked H’wood Writers How It Should End

Once upon a time a newspaper like the Washington Post would’ve asked big name science fiction novelists how they would conclude the story of this, our least favorite year.

But the world is a’changin’ and reading ain’t what it used to be, so the call has instead gone to our brothers-and-sisters-in-arms who work on TV.  How did they respond regarding the craziest least believable plot real life has ever thrown our way? Read on. read article

Will These TV Series Change the Way H’wood & Viewers See Indigenous People?

Yesterday we posted a letter from the membership of the WGAW’s Committee Native American and Indigenous Writers’ Committee. We don’t know if the article below,  which also appeared on the web yesterday, is intended to be a response.

We offer it here to help you decide for yourself whether you think current diversity initiatives are enough to instigate the change the television industry and U.S. culture in general must make for the good of, well, of all of us, goddammit.

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Hollywood’s Indigenous Writers Speak Out

This open letter, released yesterday by members of the Writers Guild of America West (WGAW) Native American and Indigenous Writers’
Committee (NAIWC), speaks for itself, and very powerfully, as you will see.

Please read it.

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25 Things Mark Evanier has Learned About the Comic Book Industry

Mark Evanier, one of the biggest writing talents in TV, comic books, and blogging is writing a series of articles on the comic book industry, which – no surprise here – it turns out is very much like the TV biz as well.

Here’s Mark’s latest installment on the subject. (I couldn’t find all of the previous parts, but here’s one.)

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