Some People Take Their Daily Soaps Very, Very Seriously…and Why Shouldn’t They?

You won’t see anybody here at TVWriter™ making fun of daytime drama shows. (One of LB’s earliest gigs was as creator/head writer of one.)

Check out the analytic detail in this review of Days of Our Lives. Could your work stand up to this kind of scrutiny?

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Keith Telly Topping’s ‘The From The North TV Awards (2020)’

by Larry Brody

Yer actual Keith Telly Topping

The Most Honourable Keith Telly Topping His Very Self is the sole proprietor and writer of “From the North,” which is, hands down, my favorite blog written in the English language.

The blog might well be my fave written in any language, but inasmuch as I only read and understand English blogs, I guess I’ll never know. (At least I believe I understand them. Hard to be sure what one is ignorant of when one is, you know, ignorant.)

Anyway, Keith has this terrific blog that you all should be reading regularly, or to be more accurate, “irregularly” because that’s the interval at which it comes out. read article


There’s a reason we call “Classic TV” by that very term, and Michael Coate’s remembrance of one of the most successful innovations in TV history (so successful that now, 60 years later, very few viewers understand how innovative it really was) is every bit as classic as its subject matter.

by Michael Coates

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Pandemic TV AKA the Start of the Fall Season
by Barbara Gaillard

Every fall, I eagerly await the new season. No, not the return of Pumpkin Spice Latté or “Are you ready for some FOOTBALL!?!”For me, it’s all about the networks announcing the start of new series and returning series resolving their cliffhangers and moving forward.

So, imagine how much champing-at-the-bit impatience I experienced during the long, long, drought from March through October that was pandemic TV. read article

‘Teenage Bounty Hunters’ is the most subversive show on TV…

LB’S NOTE: Really, it is…assuming that streaming is TV. The way definitions are changing, this sly, funny, insane series probably could just as easily be called a multi-part feature film.

But that’s not my point. I’ve watched the first four episodes so far and have been consistently amazed at the intensity of its satire of good ole church-goin’ Southerners. I’m also amazed by the fact that said church-goin’ Southerners haven’t yet arisen in angry protest at the truth being presented here. read article