Web Series: ‘A Tell Tale Vlog’

What can we say after we’ve said this:

“Edgar Allan Poe attempts to keep a writing vlog while Lenore the Lady Ghost haunts his study.”

And if that logline isn’t enough in itself, here’s the first episode (which will take less time to watch than it took this TVWriter™ minion’s ex to read that very same logline:

Actually, that’s all the episodes because loops, know what I’m saying? A Tell Tale Vlog just keeps on churning episode after episode, strong and steady and funny. And all you’ve got to do is sit back and laugh.

To put it another way:

Another reason we love web series!

Web Series: Essay About Relationships

This web series calls itself a mockumentary, but there’s nothing mocking about it. Check out the varying points of view as different characters discuss their (fictional) relationships and you’ll see some very real insight indeed.

Oh, this series is in Spanish, with English subtitles. Should we have said this earlier? For those of us at TVWriter™ who don’t speak Spanish, this increased the “reality” feeling because, let’s face it, even when convos are in our own language, we often don’t understand what’s being said.

Especially when it comes to convos about relationships.

Insightful stuff here. Watch it!

Find out more about Essay about relationships on video HERE

Web Series: ‘Creatures of Yes’

There’s something about this series of short (2 t0 3 minutes) webisodes that keeps blowing all of us away. Watch the entire series below and see if you can keep yourself from wondering, “How the hell can these puppets be so cute and so sophisticated at the same time?”

See? This shit be funny.

The Creatures of Yes is a new experimental television show made by Jacob Graham and Co. in Brooklyn NY. It’s about people discovering the world around them and learning to appreciate each other’s differences. It addresses modern, relevant topics head-on with humor and sensitivity.

The Creatures of Yes website is HERE

Web Series: ‘Bluebird’

This indie series reminds us of BBC’s award-winning The Detectorists, even though they’re nothing alike. In a nutshell, both shows gave us the same feeling when we first saw them: “Whoa! Sometimes sweetness really works!”

Check out the rest of the series and the story behind it HERE

Go to the Bluebird YouTube page HERE

A few words from award winning indie filmmaker Hank Isaac

Hank Isaac has been a valuable albeit irregular contributor to this site for years.

He’s also been an award-winning indie film writer/producer/director who collects awards as easily as dogs collect fleas.

It’s been awhile since we’ve heard from Hank, but the info in an email we received from him last week made the wait well worth it:

Thank you to The 2017 Hollywood Hills Awards for bestowing its Best New Media Script award on the pilot episode of Orlonski is Missing. This is an action/adventure serial about a boy and his father who are desperately trying to track down the boy’s grandfather before the reclusive genius physicist destroys the universe.

Kyla’s War was also named a Finalist in the same competition, as was the first sitcom I’ve ever written, Forever Charlee.  The half-hour series follows the adventures of a washed-up child actress trying to make a comeback starring in a TV series about a washed-up child actress who’s trying to make a comeback.

Most importantly, thank you all for continuing to offer words and thoughts of support as I slog my way through this devilishly difficult business.

Writing from just a few yards shy of the grand Pacific Ocean, I remain…

Check out Hank’s work on VIMEO